French Verbs

French Verb Practice with Videos:

French Video Clips with downloadable exercises which focus on verb practice:
Avoir, Être, Negatives, likes/dislikes, Aller + infinitive verbs (the near future tense), reflexive verbs, contrast between imperfect and past tenses …
Introduction:  Uses of Avoir in the 1st Person:
J’ai – 1st person present tense

Practice in the Present tense: 

Practice using modal verbs to score goals in a Fifa Game.
Je veux, je peux, je dois: 
Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

3.  ÊTRE in the Present Tense
Verb Practice in a description using indefinite + definite articles + adjectives: 
Present Tense of the Verb ÊTRE 

4. The verb FAIRE
Que fais-tu?  Quel temps fait-il?
Maggie and Billy say what they are doing in different situations, often weather related:
Faire – Practice, Video + Worksheets

–  JOUER versus FAIRE
How to talk about SPORT in the Present Tense.
Jouer au + Faire de …

5.  NEGATIVES in French
Friendly short story full of examples of how negatives wrap around verbs in French: The Bone from Twitter

6.  il y a + il faut
Introduction and practice in a friendly story:
Il y a du nutella –  Il faut profiter ..!”
(There is some nutella.  We must make the most of it!)
Impersonal verbs –  il y a + il faut

7.  On + Verbs in the Present Tense
Learn about how Carnival is celebrated at School in France in a description which uses On + Verbs in the present tense.
Carnival in France –  On + Verbs

8.  On + Verbs in the Present Tense
What do we do at school?  Why do we go there?
Practice using On + Verbs to talk about school life.
Qu’est-ce qu’on fait à l’école?

9.  ALLER + Infinitive
Practice in the context of a future holiday on a desert island! Aller + Infinitive

10.  Practice using Passé composé in a short story followed by likes and dislikes in the Present Tense:
Maggie a grandi

11.  Short story that begins in the Present Tense before moving to the Perfect Tense (passé composé) to ‘solve’ the problem:
Ma Voiture Dog Story

12.  Practice using the Past Participle of AVOIR + How to ask if somebody has had a good holiday, Christmas, summer, weekend etc:
AVOIR in the Perfect Tense

Practice using many reflexive verbs to describe a special birthday: The puppies arrive! +  Worksheet

14.  True story about a fire in the Present Tense full of useful KS3/4 vocabulary about respecting and protecting the environment:
Fire in the Mountains!

15.  Present, perfect (passé composé), and Future + Aller Questions and answers about:  My Summer Holidays

16.  Practice using the Imperfect and Perfect Tenses in a short, friendly description of a young puppy growing up.  Clear examples of things that happened (perfect tense) while the puppy was growing up (imperfect tense):
A New Puppy

17.  Monter and Descendre (Perfect Tense)
Monter + Descendre belong to the list of irregular verbs which use être rather than avoir in the passé composé (perfect tense) BUT they change back to using Avoir when they have a Direct Object: 
Perfect Tense of Monter and Descendre – AVOIR or ÊTRE?

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Click here for video resources that put French Grammar in context:
French Grammar Practice

Verbs need practice. Learn to conjugate them, and learn them by heart:  Recommendation:
Le Nouveau Bescherelle is a small, excellent reference book which conjugates 12,000 French verbs.

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