A Green Mouse

Free French and Spanish for Children (aged 7 to 14)

French and Spanish stories, grammar, verbs, vocabulary, PDF worksheets and activities for learning and using language in context + songs for U7s.
MFL resources for free practice for any teacher and/or pupil alongside the videos on the A Green Mouse youtube channel.

The videos try to be clear and accessible, listening/speaking practice for anyone to use as often as they wish.

The PDF worksheets are for use after practice with the videos, and, once printed off, can be kept as a record of effort and achievement to return to for more revision and translation practice.

The worksheets can be self-checked by returning to the corresponding video.

Spanish Resources
French Resources


Spanish Festival Resource:
Find out about Las Fallas, a Unesco world heritage celebration that takes places in Valencia, Spain:
Las Fallas  +   PDF Worksheet:

French Grammar Practice:
Learn to make the right choice between C’est and Il est:
C’est vs Il est  +  PDF Worksheet:

Spanish Song for U7s:
El Barquito Chiquitito – Free Downloadable Worksheet.

French Song for U7s:
Une Souris Verte   (A Green Mouse!)

French and Spanish for children