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Free French and Spanish

French and Spanish for Beginners + Intermediates:  Stories, Grammar, Video Clips, Vocabulary, Verbs, Activities.  Free Practice, Revision, Lessons and Homework for KS2, KS3, pre-GCSE and Common Entrance
+ Songs for younger children.
A Green Mouse Resources aim to support and encourage ambitious, constructive, early language-learning.
A language teacher will always be enormously helpful, as will interacting with real people, but a second language needs short, regular practice, and A Green Mouse can help with that, especially if children listen and join in with the videos outside lessons.

–  Under 7, start with the songs, sing along and do the actions.
–  From 7+, keep singing the songs, but start exploring the stories and easier topics.  If a topic is too hard, stop and try something else.
–  The video clips are very short, 1 – 3 minutes long.  Use them for regular practice, listening and joining in aloud with the video, pausing and repeating.
–  Read the video transcripts, study the vocabulary, and do the worksheets where available.
–  Resources such as ‘Por and Para’, ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Sport’, ‘Holidays’, ‘Reflexive Verbs’ etc… provide useful practice for secondary school pupils.

Some of the resources could provide a framework for pupils to use to create their own stories and videos in French or Spanish.
A Green Mouse would be delighted to celebrate and share legitimate links to good work by pupils if sent in by a school.  In the case of a video link, it would need to come from the school’s own recognisable youtube channel.


Examples of Spanish Resources:

Describe Food in Spanish Vocabulary + PDF Worksheet:

SER + ESTAR Practice in a Story:

Examples of French Resources:

Dates, Months + Birthdays in French + PDF Worksheet:

Choosing between  C’est vs Il est: