French and Spanish for Children

For Beginners and Intermediates:  Helpful at any age.
French and Spanish video clips, stories, grammar, topics and activities.
Free French and Spanish listening and oral practice for any child or student to use for independent learning and revision, and for teachers to use for homework (flipped learning) and for discussion and practice in class.
Visual language resources that cover many grammar points, topics, and vocabulary such as Food and Drink, Daily Routine, Modal Verbs, the Imperfect Tense, Prepositions, the Weather, Sport and Music  etc …
French for Children
Spanish for Children

The Stories
, in French and Spanish, are very short, each with their own video clip, and are used to illustrate and explain topics such as reflexive verbs or vocabulary for family members.  A simple introduction (verbs in the 3rd person) introduces Maggie in French + Spanish.
Students encounter ‘possession’ by watching her steal and bury her son Billy’s toys, and learn the simple structure of an oral presentation (verbs in the 1st person) via Billy’s own personal introduction in French + Spanish.
The video clips below, one in Spanish for practice using Ser and Estar, and one in French for practice using ‘il y a + il faut’,  are examples of how A Green Mouse stories are used for grammar practice.

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A Green Mouse shared free resources on TESConnect for three years, and is very grateful for the mention it received in a 2013 issue of the Times Educational Supplement magazine:

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Examples of A Green Mouse resources:
Grammar practice in a story using:  il y a + il faut

French Prepositions:
Au, à la, à l’, Aux  +  À and En for transport

Short Story for practice using SER and ESTAR:
Explanation + grammar + exercise:  Hedgehogs in Spanish

Holidays in Spanish –
My Holiday in Spain

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