A Green Mouse

French and Spanish for Children
Age Range: 7 to 14
Resources for Beginners + Intermediates

A Green Mouse is a free Spanish and French website for students, parents and teachers for online learning, practice at home and work at school:
– Interactive French and Spanish listening resources with video clips, online quizzes and printable  worksheets.

+ some pre-school/primary songs for Under 7s.

– Meet the friendly characters in the stories and learn French and Spanish by talking about them: ‘My Family’ is Maggie’s family, ‘My Birthday’ is Billy’s birthday. They will help you to create and write your own stories in French or Spanish too.

– Listen and join in with the subtitled videos.  They have transcripts and worksheets. 

– The online quizzes are challenging.  Everything is challenging, but it is there to return to as often and whenever you want.

– The printable worksheets can be checked by looking carefully through the corresponding video resource.

– Learn about Spain, France and South America by making an Alfajor from Argentina, finding out about carnival celebrations at school in France, looking closely at Las Fallas in Valencia.

A Green Mouse is full of stories, verbs, grammar and vocabulary to help anyone, whatever their age, to build their knowledge and understanding of French and Spanish. 





Free French and Spanish Practice