French and Spanish for Children

Online French and Spanish Resources for students aged 7 to 14  for home learning, practice, and work at school.

Interactive listening practice with videos, stories, online quizzes and printable  worksheets.
+ Songs for Under 7s.


Learn Spanish

Learn French


The videos are hosted on the A Green Mouse youtube channel:
A Green Mouse Youtube Channel

Listening Resources

Videos accompany nearly all the resources on A Green Mouse so that students can hear as well as see the words.

Language in Context

The resources always present language in context, in a story or in short sentences.

Interactive Quizzes

The online quizzes link to the video resources on A Green Mouse. They are challenging but free to repeat any number of times.


Writing things down helps to remember things, and work can then be stored for revision too. Most of the resources have printable PDF Worksheets, but please, they are not for commercial use.

Short Stories

Short stories are used extensively throughout A Green Mouse. They illustrate grammar, verbs and vocabulary, and provide ideas for children to create and write their own stories and descriptions in French or Spanish too.


Learn about Spain, France and South America by making Alfajores from Argentina, Biscuits from Brittany, or learning about Carnival celebrations at school in France, and looking closely at Las Fallas in Valencia.

Early Listening – Songs

Pre-school and primary songs in French and Spanish have been recorded at a manageable pace for children to listen to and gradually join in with.

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A Green Mouse is full of stories, verbs, grammar and vocabulary to help anyone to build their knowledge and understanding of French and Spanish.

Examples of the Videos

Ser and Estar in a Short Story

Describe Food in Spanish

El Perro de mi Abuelo
Practice in the Imperfect Tense.

French Reflexive Verbs in a Story:

Faire Practice –
Que fais-tu?
Quel temps fait-il?