A Green Mouse

Spanish and French for Children

A Green Mouse is a free Spanish and French language learning website + youtube channel for teachers, parents and children:
Free listening practice + stories, songs, topics and activities to learn and use grammar + vocabulary and encourage questions, discussion, and interactive participation.
The resources provide short, accessible practice for anyone from Beginner to Intermediate level.
They try to be clear and engaging, with true short stories to use and connect with in different ways.
There is particular focus on accessible listening and speaking practice via the videos which are best used for practice before and after class as well as in lessons.


Examples of Spanish Resources:

Find out about Las Fallas, a Unesco world heritage celebration that takes places in Valencia, Spain:
Las Fallas

Learn adjectives to describe food in Spanish.  Use them in short sentences:
Describe Food in Spanish Vocabulary + PDF Worksheet:

SER + ESTAR Practice in a Story:

Cielito Lindo is a famous Mexican song.
Find out about it.  Learn the simple chords:
Cielito Lindo

Spanish clapping song for babies/toddlers:
Mis Manitas

Examples of French Resources:

Find out about carnival in France.
This resource includes practice using ON + verbs.
Carnaval en France:

Learn how to say the date of your birthday.
Listen to, read, and talk about a story about a birthday celebration:
Dates, Months + Birthdays in French + PDF Worksheet:

Example of a grammar resource:
Learn to make the right choice between C’est and Il est –   C’est vs Il est:

French and Spanish listening resources for children