A Green Mouse

French and Spanish for Children

Free Spanish and French Website for Children (not test-driven, mainly 7-14) full of listening resources, short stories and videos for use in class + independent practice:
Grammar, verbs, vocabulary and activities with Video clips and PDF worksheets.
The stories enable simple yet interesting discussions.
The  videos try to be clear and accessible for anyone to use as often as they wish.
The PDF worksheets provide useful follow-up work with questions and answers and translation practice, which can be self-checked by returning to the corresponding video clip.

Spanish Resources
French Resources


Spanish Festival Resource:
Find out about Las Fallas, a Unesco world heritage celebration that takes places in Valencia, Spain:
Las Fallas

French Grammar Practice:
Learn to make the right choice between C’est and Il est:
C’est vs Il est

Spanish Song for U7s:
El Barquito Chiquitito

French Song for U7s:
Une Souris Verte   (A Green Mouse!)

French and Spanish for children