Spanish Topics and Vocabulary

Free Spanish Videos and Vocabulary by Theme/Topic:
Themed practice in Spanish with video clips, online quizzes and printable worksheets:
About me, Introductions, Birthdays, My Family, Colours, Daily Routine, Parts of the Body, Food and Drink, Directions, Hobbies, Sport, the Weather ….

Meeting and Greeting:
Friendly characters meet and greet in Spanish ..!
Introductions:  Meeting and Greeting

About Me in Spanish:
Spanish oral practice: Enjoy this character’s friendly description of home, family, interests and likes and dislikes in Spanish:
About Me in Spanish

My Family in Spanish:
My Family in Spanish vocabulary, video clip + worksheet for listening practice and revision:
My Family: Story + Vocabulary

My Birthday in Spanish:
Enjoy the description of a birthday celebration and learn how to say when your own birthday is in Spanish:
My Birthday + Days and Months

Parts of the Body in Spanish:
Listen to a variety of characters introducing parts of their bodies in Spanish. Join in and learn the vocabulary:
Parts of the Body in Spanish

Now use verbs and vocabulary to say what you use different parts of your body for:
Verbs + My Body in Spanish

I Need a Doctor in Spanish:
Learn how to ask for a doctor and describe simple health problems in Spanish:
I Need a Doctor in Spanish

Verbs + School Activities in Spanish:
Why go to school?  What do you do there?
Use verbs to answer questions and say why you go to school and what you do there. This early Spanish practice includes seeing what happens in a dog agility class …
Verbs + School Activities in Spanish

My Bedroom in Spanish:
Spanish/English Vocabulary and Practice using Tengo + prepositions to say where things are in your bedroom
My Room in Spanish

Daily Routine in Spanish:

Tell the time and use verbs in the present tense to describe your daily routine by following Eduardo’s day in Spanish:
Daily Routine (+ time)

Spanish Vowel Sounds:
A rap to join in with:
Spanish Vowels: A Rap

Count to 10 in Spanish:
Spanish Numbers Song:  0 hasta 10

Count fruit in Spanish up to 10:
Counting to 10

What’s in your Pencil Case?
Learn the vocabulary for pencil case items in Spanish:
Pencil case items
TENGO + Schoolroom Spanish

Animals in Spanish:

Names of Animals in Spanish:
Learn the names of pets, farm animals and more in Spanish. Discuss likes and dislikes and consider which animals you are familiar with:
Animals in Spanish

Describe Animals in Spanish by their Colour:
Animals in Spanish + Colours

Colours in Spanish + Agreements:
Learn and practise how colours need to agree with the words they describe in Spanish:
Colours in Spanish + Agreements

Sport in Spanish:

To Play versus to Do Sport:
Practice in the 1st person using Juego a + ball sports vs Hago + sporting activities without a ball:
Sport in Spanish – Juego a, Hago

Sport in Spanish – Likes + Dislikes:
Learn the vocabulary for a variety of sporting activities in Spanish and ask and answer questions about likes and dislikes:
Talk about Sport: Likes/Dislikes

Hobbies in Spanish – Sport + Music:
Jugar a + Ball Sports versus Tocar + Musical Instruments.
Vocabulary + Practice. Consider after school activities and the difficulty of combining music and sport in Spanish:
Hobbies:  Sport and Music

Holidays in Spanish:

Learn useful vocabulary and how to present and discuss holidays in Spanish:
A Holiday in the Near Future:
Future  – Aller + Infinitive:
IR + a + infinitive – Future

A Holiday in Northern Spain:
– Past, Present + Future Tenses

Featuring Los Picos de Europa in Northern Spain, using past, present and future tenses:
KS3 Holiday in Spain! Past, Present, Future + IR

My Summer Holiday in Spanish:
– Past, Present + Future Tenses

Talk about what you do + have done at home during the summer, what you are going to do, and then what you did during the summer holidays:
My Summer Holiday in Spanish – 3 Tenses

The Weather in Spanish:

Learn vocabulary for talking about the weather in Spanish and put it into context:
The Weather in Spanish

The Seasons:  Talk about seasonal activities related to the weather with help from the following resources:
Winter: Winter – El invierno

Summer: Summer  – El verano

Spring: Spring! – La primavera)

Spanish Food and Drink Practice:
Discuss food and drink in Spanish, how to buy it, and how to order it  via the following listening resources:

For Spanish Verbs and Grammar Practice go to:
Spanish Grammar

Spanish Verbs