Sport in Spanish Likes + Dislikes

Sport in Spanish – Likes/Dislikes.

Sport in Spanish Vocabulary and Practice via a video clip, worksheet + online quiz with Questions and Answers about Likes and Dislikes:
Me gusta  (I like)  ….  No me gusta (I don’t like) …

Use the transcript of the video for reading and translation practice via the printable PDF Worksheet

¿Qué te gusta?
What do you like?
¿Te gusta la natación?
Do you like swimming?
¡Sí, me gusta la natación!
Yes, I like swimming
No, no me gusta la natación
No, I don’t like swimming

¿Qué prefieres?
What do you prefer?
Prefiero el fútbol.
I prefer football

Jugar a + el = Jugar al
El tenis 
(m)                   tennis
El golf (m)                      golf
El fútbol (m)                 football
El rugby (m)                  rugby

Hacer / Practicar
La natación (f)            swimming
El ciclismo (m)            cycling
El piraguïsmo (m)    canoeing
El esquí (m)                   skiing
La navegación (f)       sailing
El patinaje sobre hielo (m) ice-skating
Hacer surf                     surfing

Montar a caballo      horse-riding

JUEGO A versus HAGO + Sport

Use JUGAR A + ball sports

Jugar a  =  to play
Juego al rugby  = I play rugby
Use Hacer or Practicar: for sports that you do without a ball
e.g.  Hago ciclismo  =  I cycle,  I go cycling
         Hago natación   = I swim, I go swimming

Sport in Spanish Likes/Dislikes Video

Sport in Spanish Quiz – Likes + Dislikes


That's a good mark!  Well done!
Have another go! The video in this practice is useful - Sport in Spanish Likes/Dislikes

#1. Do you like sport?

#2. What do you like to do?

#3. Yes I like sport. I like swimming.

#4. I don't like swimming. I prefer cycling.

#5. I like playing football.

#6. Do you like surfing?

#7. I don't like surfing. I prefer ice-skating.

#8. What do you like? I like canoeing.


Downloadable Sport in Spanish PDF Worksheet

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