Sport in Spanish Likes + Dislikes

Sport in Spanish Likes + Dislikes

Vocabulary, Video clip, Worksheet + Online Ouiz.
Questions and Answers about Likes and Dislikes:
Me gusta  I like  ….
No me gusta I don’t like …

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¿Qué te gusta?
What do you like?
¿Te gusta la natación?
Do you like swimming?
¡Sí, me gusta la natación!
Yes, I like swimming
No, no me gusta la natación
No, I don’t like swimming

¿Qué prefieres?
What do you prefer?
Prefiero el fútbol.
I prefer football


Jugar a + el = Jugar al
El tenis 
(m)                   tennis
El golf (m)                      golf
El fútbol (m)                 football
El rugby (m)                  rugby

Hacer / Practicar
La natación (f)            swimming
El ciclismo (m)            cycling
El piraguïsmo (m)    canoeing
El esquí (m)                   skiing
La navegación (f)       sailing
El patinaje sobre hielo (m) ice-skating
Hacer surf                     surfing

Montar a caballo      horse-riding

– – –

Use Jugar a + ball sports
Jugar a                =  to play
Juego al rugby  = I play rugby

Use Hacer or Practicar for sports that you do without a ball
Hago ciclismo  =  I cycle,  I go cycling
Hago natación   = I swim, I go swimming


PDF Worksheet

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Ouiz

#1. Do you like sport?

#2. What do you like to do?

#3. Yes I like sport. I like swimming.

#4. I don't like swimming. I prefer cycling.

#5. I like playing football.

#6. Do you like surfing?

#7. I don't like surfing. I prefer ice-skating.

#8. What do you like? I like canoeing.



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The video in this practice is useful –

Sport in Spanish Likes/Dislikes

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