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Spanish Grammar

KS3 Spanish Grammar

Free Spanish Grammar Practice with videos, online quizzes and printable worksheets:
Articles, Adjectives, Prepositions, Negatives, Comparisons, Adverbs …

How to use gender and articles in Spanish

All nouns in Spanish have a gender.  That means they are masculine or feminine.

a, some =  un, una, unos, unas
the  =          el, la, los, las  = the

Pencil Case Items in Spanish

Fruit in Spanish

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How to use adjectives in Spanish

Adjectives describe nouns, and most of the time change their endings to fit with the gender of the noun they are describing.
Colours are adjectives too:

Describe food in Spanish

Colours in Spanish + agreements

Describe animals in Spanish by their colour

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Comparisons in Spanish:

Use  Más + adjective + que to say more + adjective than
Use Menos + adjective + que to say less + adjective than

Comparisons: Comparatives + Superlatives

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Prepositions in Spanish

Practice using the verb estar + Spanish prepositions

Focus on Por and Para! Learn how and when to use these important Spanish prepositions:

POR and PARA Practice 

Use Spanish prepositions to talk about where you are and how you got there!

A, DE, EN – Spanish Prepositions

Spanish/English Prepositions in a short Story

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Negatives in Spanish

Introduction to negatives in Spanish + practice a story:

Negatives in Spanish:  No, Nada, Nunca

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Instructions in Spanish using Hay Que:

Hay = there is, there are.
Hay que = you, one, we must

Hay + Hay Que Practice

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Questions in Spanish – Why + Because

¿Por qué?   Why?
…porque  … because:
¿Questions in Spanish: ¿Por qué?

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KS3 Spanish Verb Practice

Ser v Estar, Hacer v Jugar, Tener, poder, deber, querer, Present, Preterite and Imperfect tenses …

KS3 Spanish Verb Practice

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Introduction to adverbs in Spanish

Look at how adverbs describe the verbs in this simple little story:
Maggie and the Squirrel!

image for adverbs in Spanish short story