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Spanish Grammar Practice

Spanish Grammar for Children:

Friendly Spanish grammar resources for kids, each with their own video clip to make the practice more visual and interactive:
Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions … Por and Para (!), Negatives, Comparisons and more …
Resources with particular focus on verbs have their own page:
Spanish Verb Practice 

Find out how/which colours agree with the words they describe in Spanish:
COLOURS + agreements

image for Colours in Spanish

Introduction to negatives in Spanish followed by a story for practice in context:
Negatives in Spanish: No, Nada, Nunca

image for Negatives in Spanish

 POR and PARA practice:  Grammar, video clip and follow-up worksheet (helpful revision for all): 

Image for Por and Para Practice

b)  Spanish Preposition Practice –  A, DE y EN:
A, DE, EN – Prepositions in Context

image for Spanish prepositions a, de, en

c)  Friendly story full of Spanish prepositions in context:
Billy and the stick insects ..!

image for KS3 Spanish grammar - Prepositions


Introduction to comparisons in Spanish + video clip in two parts, first comparing Spanish food, then comparing dogs:
Comparisons: Comparatives and Superlatives

image for Comparisons in Spanish


HAY –  HAY QUE + infinitive:
Focussed practice on how to say what there is and what must be done in a friendly story:
Hay – Hay que + infinitive

Image for hay, hay que + infinitive


Ask Questions in Spanish using:  ¿POR QUÉ?
Charming Spanish grammar story used to focus on questions using ¿Por qué? (why?) + answering with ‘porque’ (because):
¿Questions in Spanish: ¿Por qué?

image for asking and answering questions in Spanish


Look at how adverbs describe the verbs in this story to illustrate how the characters behave:
Maggie and the Squirrel!

image for adverbs in Spanish short story

Resources with particular focus on verbs:
Spanish Verb Practice 

Index to all resources:
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image for adverbs in Spanish short story

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