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Spanish Verbs

Spanish Verb Practice

Spanish Verb Practice with Videos, printable Worksheets and Online Quizzes. 
Tener, Ser and Estar, Jugar v Hacer, Reflexive Verbs, the Near Future, the Present Continuous,  Present, Past and Imperfect Tenses …

Example of a video to listen to, pause, repeat and join in with:


The Verb TENER

a)  Tengo un lápiz
Tengo + Pencil case items

b)  The verb Tener – TENGO
Tener = to have, but also ‘to be’ re age + feelings.
Uses of the verb Tener – Tengo

c)  Present Tense of TENER
Tener Practice – Present Tense

– – – –

Story Practice in the Present Tense

A New Puppy:
¡Tiene miedo!
Spanish for Children – My Puppy

– – – –

Spanish Verbs + Parts of the Body:

Verbs + Body Parts in Spanish

– – – –

Talk about School in Spanish

– Verb Practice, Present Tense
¿Qué haces en tu escuela?
What do you do at your school?
School Vocabulary + Verb Practice. Includes a dog agility class:
Talk about School in Spanish

– – – –

Spanish Verbs SER and ESTAR:

Ser and Estar in the 1st Person
Who/What + Where:

Soy and Estoy

– –

Ser and Estar Questions in the 3rd Person

¿Qué es? (SER)  ¿Dónde está? (ESTAR)

– –

 The Present Continuous in Spanish:Estar + the Present Continuous + sentences using Ser as well.

Estar + Present Continuous

– –

Ser v Estar: Re Character + Feelings:
Friendly description with focus on Soy + Estoy

Ser v Estar: Character + Feelings

– –

 Practice using Ser and Estar in a story about Hedgehogs

Contrasting Ser and Estar in a Story

– –

 Ser and Estar in a more advanced story about a Rescue by helicopter

Ser and Estar + Rescue Story

– – – – –

Verbs + Sport in Spanish:

Jugar a (to play) v Hacer (to do)

– – – –

Hay, Hay que

Practice using THERE IS + ONE MUST in Spanish:
Hay – Hay que in a Story

Hay que + How to make a piñata

– – –

Modal Verbs in Spanish

Practice using modal verbs throughout an online game of FIFA.   ¡Tengo que marcar un gol!

Querer, Tener, Poder

– – – – –

The Near Future in Spanish

IR + a + infinitive
Near Future Practice + plans for a holiday somewhere quiet with no internet access, phone signal or opportunity to message friends or play video games:

The Near Future + A Holiday

– – – –

Reflexive Verbs

Vocabulary + Practice using Reflexive Verbs:

Reflexive verbs + A Litter of Puppies in Spanish

Reflexive Verbs + Daily Routine in Spanish

– – – –

Verb Practice in 3 Tenses –  Past, Present + Near Future

Questions + answers in the 1st person about past, present and future events and activities:

Dog Story – Maggie has grown

My Holiday in Northern Spain

My Summer Holiday in Spanish

– – – –

Negatives in Spanish

How to form Negatives in Spanish:
Negatives in Spanish + A Story:

– – – –

The Imperfect Tense

Practice in the Imperfect Tense in Spanish + one or two examples of the preterite tense to say precise things that took place during that time.  The second story took place just before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and ends in the Preterite Tense:

A New Puppy

El perro de mi abuelo

– – – –

Hace falta, Darse cuenta, Tener que + Estar

Story + Worksheet:
Darse cuenta, Hacer falta, Tener que, Estar …


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