Hay que + How to make a piñata

How to Make a Simple Piñata in Spanish

Hay que  = it is necessary / one-you-he-she must
 Hay que + a second verb in the infinitive is the way to say what needs to be done.
Follow basic instructions in Spanish using  Hay que …

Spanish Activity for Children:

Instructions are printed in Spanish and English below.
The video clip is in Spanish (Spanish/English subtitles).
Watch the video, and use this activity for listening practice as well as to learn how to make a simple piñata.

No Central American birthday party would be complete without a piñata.  Shops specialise in making them, such as this wonderful Winnie the Pooh, almost too beautiful to destroy!

image for how to make a piñata

Just before total destruction:

image for hitting a piñata

Instructions in English:
Blow up a balloon.
Mix flour and water to make a glue with a runny consistency.  (This is quick and easy, and more can be made if you run out)
Tear long strips of newspaper.
Use a brush to paste the glue onto the strips, putting them onto the balloon, one at time, and pasting them again each time you add another strip.
Cover the balloon with about three layers of newspaper.  Then do a final pasting with the glue.
Leave to dry  –  Takes about three days.
Pop the balloon and pull it out.
Fill the piñata with sweets
Decorate the piñata by painting it and covering it with streamers and pictures of choice.
Tie it with string and hang it in a safe place.
Make sure that the children stand well away from harm as each child in turn is blindfolded and handed the stick to have a go at bashing the piñata until the sweets fall out.

Instructions in Spanish on the video clip:
Esto es una piñata.
Adentro hay caramelos.
Aquí hay otra.
Hay que pegar la piñata para sacar los caramelos.
¿Quieren hacer una?
Primero hay que inflar un globo.
Hay que preparar la cola.
Hay que mezclar agua con harina.
Tiene que ser bastante líquido.
Hay que cortar pedazos largos de papel.
Hay que cubrir el globo con el papel.
Hay que pegar cada pedazo de papel con la cola.
Poquito a poquito hay que cubrir todo el globo y poner más cola.
Hay que dejar el globo en un lugar seco durante tres días.
Mientras tanto hay que comprar caramelos.
Ya está.  El modelo está seco.
Hay que cortar el globo y sacarlo.
Ahora hay que cubrir el modelo con cosas lindas y meter los caramelos.
Una piñata para un niño …
– – –

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