Spanish Stories

Spanish Stories for Children

Free Spanish listening and oral practice in engaging visual contexts with subtitles.
The stories are very short, usually no longer than 3 minutes:  Excellent for accessible, regular independent Spanish practice.

Ideas for use in class:
a) Watch the video
b) Highlight phrases of particular interest
c) Talk about the story in English
d) Encourage students to engage with the characters, their feelings and experiences.
e) Relate those feelings and experiences to children’s own lives.
f) Return to and discuss the phrases highlighted at the beginning.
g) Ask students to write and illustrate the story
h) Encourage students to return to the video for more practice …
i)  And go on to write stories of their own!

The stories are listed roughly in order of difficulty.
Every link contains an embedded video, the story in print, and vocabulary, plus grammar and comprehension questions where appropriate:

1.  Maggie is mischievous!
KS2 Spanish listening practice:
Simple true story in Spanish for beginners in the present tense with useful grammar practice focussing on possession using ‘mi’ and ‘mío’ ‘¡Mi juguete!’
¡Maggie es traviesa!

2.  My Family in Spanish
My Family in Spanish practice in a Story.
Vocabulary for family members in Spanish + downloadable worksheet:
My Family in Spanish

3.  A Story about Hamsters in Spanish!
Simple story in the 3rd person present tense:
Questions and answers about two hamsters, one of whom becomes ill and has to take medicine:
¿Eso qué es? Es un hámster

4.  Maggie and Billy at the river:
Short simple sentences with verbs in the present tense describe friendly activities in Spanish + likes/dislikes.
Transcript + Comprehension Questions:
Maggie & Billy at the river

5.  A New Puppy!
Simple Spanish story and description:  Meet a tiny puppy on its first day in a new home. Follow its progress as it grows and find out what it enjoys doing.
Transcript + worksheets on gustar and tener:
A New Puppy!

6.  My Birthday in Spanish
Learn dates and months in Spanish + how to ask and answer questions about birthdays via this friendly story.  The video clip is also available with English subtitles and an accompanying worksheet here:  My Birthday in Spanish + Worksheet

7. Spanish Story: What do I do at School?
Talk about what happens at school in Spanish in the friendly context of a dog agility class:  At School in Spanish

8.  The Verb Tener in  context:
Questions about age, toys, feelings, plus what one wants to or has to do.  ¿Qué tienen ..?
Tener Practice in Context

9.  Hedgehogs … in Spanish!
Excellent Ser and Estar practice in a story about a garden visitor:  ¿Qué es?  ¿Dónde está?
Hedgehog Story in Spanish using Ser and Estar

10.  Character v Feelings …
Ser and Estar practice with friendly video and contrasting description of the character and behaviour of Maggie and Billy
Ser v Estar: Character + Feelings

11.  The Bone from Twitter!
A great opportunity for practice using negatives in Spanish via friendly confusion caused by following advice on Twitter:
NEGATIVES in Spanish

12.  Maggie, Billy and the apricots ..!
Friendly story in which Maggie and Billy are told what they must do  using Hay, and Hay que + infinitive:
¡Maggie, Billy y los albaricoques!

13.  Maggie and the Squirrel:
Wonderful story in Spanish and English with focus on nature via a special little dog who works hard to protect the birds from squirrel invaders!
Transcript + Comprehension Questions:
Maggie and the squirrel

14.  At the Hairdresser’s in Spanish!
How many of us hated having our hair cut when we were young? Well, ‘somebody’ is reluctant here!  This story, and linked exercises, offers lots of practice using a variety of verbs in the Present Tense:
Vamos a la peluquería
Follow-up Worksheet:  Questions & Answers

15.  ¡Hola, me llamo Billy!
Friendly Spanish Oral Practice: Say who you are, describe character, where you live, and what you like doing!
Transcript, questions and a second video with extra questions in Spanish AND English:
¡Hola me llamo Billy! 

16. ¡La Hora de Comer!
Spanish Story for children which includes seeing two dogs doing something –  In this case it is:  eating!
All eyes on the cook.  Please can we have some more!
Transcript + questions:
¡La hora de comer! (Supper)

17. Spanish Nature Story: ¿Por qué?
Beautiful short story that asks why: ¿Por qué? Why is the chick’s mother worried?  Porque (because) Because the chick is in danger!
Spanish Nature Story 

18. Talk about Winter in Spanish:
Topical scenes about winter for practice using weather vocabulary in context, and an invitation for children to share thoughts and answer questions about winter activities:
KS3 Spanish resource: Winter!

19. Spanish Preposition Practice in a Story –
Billy and the Stick Insects:

This story describes the job of cleaning out and feeding these pets with focus on all the prepositions used in the process. Grammar in context supported by a downloadable gap fill exercise. 
Spanish Preposition Practice in a Story

20. Spanish Reflexive Verb Practice in a Story –
Birth of a Litter of Puppies:

Focus on using many Spanish reflexive verbs to talk about events of the day the puppies were born and describe how the puppies behave.  Practice using Reflexive verbs in a friendly story context linked to a downloadable PDF gap fill worksheet:
(One of the puppies was Billy, star of A Green Mouse. Spot him moving about with his siblings.  He is the largest, and only boy)   Transcript + grammar:  
Reflexive verbs in Spanish

21. The Imperfect versus the Perfect tense Spanish:
This charming story about a puppy growing up provides a clear way of contrasting the use the imperfect and perfect tenses and shows students when and how to use both tenses:
Description of the life of a new puppy from birth!  Transcript + Questions:
Imperfect & Perfect. A New Puppy!

22.  Simple Spanish Song using Modal Verbs which tells the story of a puppy trying to escape using Modal Verbs in the Imperfect Tense:
¡No sabía, no podía escapar!
El Perrito Chiquitito

23. Maggie has Grown:
Spanish Story/Comprehension in the 3rd Person using past, present and (future) Tenses:
A description of Maggie’s activities, likes and dislikes, with sentences in the present tense, and an introduction to the Perfect Tense.  Transcript + Questions:
Maggie has grown up!

24 + 25.
Two Versions of the same Ski Trip + Mountain Rescue.
This true story provides useful, interesting verb practice in context:

a)  Practice using hace falta, me doy cuenta, hay que, tener que, estar + gerund …
My Skiing Adventure in Spanish

b)  Focussed practice using SER and ESTAR:
Ser and Estar Story Worksheet

26. A Paragliding Holiday in ‘Los Picos de Europa’:
The story begins with a mention in the past tense about the previous year’s Spanish holiday, before watching and hearing about a student’s first experience of paragliding in Northern Spain.
There is a second Video clip without English subtitles + the transcript in Spanish with sentences and Questions in the Past and Present Tenses here:   
KS3 Spanish Activity Holiday in Spain!

27. Spanish Story in the Imperfect Tense:
True short story about a little rescue dog in Spain before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Free gap fill PDF Worksheet + questions: “El perro de mi abuelo.”

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