Hamster Story in Spanish

Spanish Hamster Story for Children

Short Story, Video,  Online Quiz + Worksheets with Verbs in the 3rd person present tense:

Verbs in the Story:

Es un hamster = It is a hamster (fact)
Es difícil = It is difficult (fact)

Son muy lindos = They are very pretty (WHAT they are, so not temporary)

Está enfermo = he is ill (temporary)
Está durmiendo = he is sleeping (temporary)
Está mejor = he is better (also temporary statement)

Están jugando = they are playing (temporary action)

llamarse    – se llama
correr        – corre 
vivir            – vive
hacer          – hace
masticar   – mastica
querer       – quiere
necesitar  – necesita


¿Qué es Bugatti?
What is Bugatti?

¿Cómo corre?

How does he run?

¿Quién vive con Bugatti?

Who lives with Bugatti?

¿Por qué necesita tomar un medicamento?

Why does he need to take some medicine?

Video Clip

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. What is it? It is a hamster

#2. He is called Bugatti. He runs very fast. ? Accents matter. They tell you where to put the stress in a word if it is different from normal Spanish pronunciation rules

#3. He lives with his brother, Veyron. They are very pretty.

#4. They run a lot.

#5. Bugatti does gymnastics.

#6. Veyron wants to escape!

#7. Today Bugatti is sleeping. He is ill.

#8. He needs to take some medicine

#9. Poor Bugatti, but he is already better

#10. They are playing.



¡Muy bien!

Have another go!

Do some practice first reading the story and watching the video clip:
Hamster Story in Spanish

Downloadable Worksheets:
Spanish Hamster Story Verb Practice Worksheet

Spanish Hamster Story Question Practice Worksheet

Video Transcript in Spanish

¿Eso qué es?  ¿Qué es eso?
¿Sabes?  ¿Tienes alguna idea?
¡Sí!  Es un hámster.
Se llama Bugatti.
Corre muy rápido.
Vive con su hermano.
Su hermano se llama Veyron.
Corren mucho.
Bugatti hace gimnasia.
Veyron mastica las barras de su jaula.
Quiere escapar.
¡Son muy lindos!
Hoy Bugatti está durmiendo.
¡Ay no!  ¡Está enfermo!
Necesita tomar un medicamento.
Pero es difícil.
Pobre Bugatti.  Pero ya está mejor.
¡Qué bien!  Están jugando.
Adiós amiguito.

Hamsters in Spanish! ¿Eso qué es?
Hamsters in Spanish! ¿Eso qué es?