French Story: C’est un Hamster

French Hamster Story for Children

This story, which includes a youtube clip and printable worksheets, is about two extremely fast dwarf hamsters.
The verbs are in the 3rd person present tense.
Listening, reading and translation practice + Online Quiz.

Verbs + Vocabulary:

Qu’est-ce que c’est?
What is it?
Que fait-il?
What is he doing?

One of the hamsters becomes ill:
Il est malade    He is ill
Il a besoin de   He needs …

C’est                 It is
Il s’appelle     His name is
Il court            He runs
il habite           he lives
il fait                 he does
il aime              he loves
il dort               he sleeps
il est                  he is
il va                    he goes
il va bien          he is fine
il a besoin de  he needs

Il fait de la gymnastique 
He does gymnastics

Read the words and join in:


Printable Worksheets:
Gap Fill Exercise:
Hamster Story Gap Fill Worksheet

Questions about the Story:
Hamster Story Questions

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. What is it? ? Never leave out apostrophes. Try to think of the letters they are replacing. This question without the apostrophes would be hard to say: Que est ce que ce est?

#2. It is a hamster. It is called Bugatti.

#3. Bugatti runs very fast.

#4. His brother is called Veyron. He likes nibbling.

#5. Bugatti does gymnastics.

#6. Bugatti and Veyron, you are cute!

#7. They run a lot!

#8. Bugatti is sleeping. He is ill.

#9. He needs some medicine.

#10. Poor Bugatti, but he is fine now.



Très bien!


Have another go.

Read the story and watch the video again. Join in!

French Hamster Story

The Story in French

Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Oui!  C’est un hamster!
Il s’appelle Bugatti.  Il court très vite.
Il habite avec son frère.
Son frère s’appelle Veyron.
Bugatti et Veyron …  Vous êtes mignons!
Bugatti fait de la gymnastique.
Veyron aime grignoter.
Ils courent beaucoup!

Aujourd’hui Bugatti dort.
Oh non, il est malade!
Il a besoin d’un médicament!
Mais c’est difficile!
Pauvre Bugatti!
Mais il va bien maintenant.
Amusez-vous bien!

J’aime beaucoup les hamsters!