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Spanish for Children

Spanish for Children:

Spanish video resources for teachers and children:
Clear, accessible Spanish listening, speaking, reading and writing practice for Beginners and Intermediates.
Free Spanish practice and revision for all children.
Visual resources and stories for use in class.
The resources range from simple introductions (it’s not just what you say, but how you say it), songs, counting to 10 and birthdays, to ser and estar practice, food and drink, por and para practice, daily routine, reflexive verbs, modal verbs, sport, hobbies, holidays in three tenses, and more:

Spanish Songs for Children
KS2 and KS3 Spanish Themes
Spanish Grammar
Spanish Verbs
Spanish Activities

Short Stories in Spanish:

Stories are used throughout A Green Mouse for listening practice, to encourage discussion, and as a way of practising vocabulary and grammar in context.  The stories are on the following page as well being included where appropriate on the pages above:
Spanish Stories for Children 

Eg:  My Birthday in Spanish

– – –

KS2 + KS3 Spanish Topics:

Some of the themes:
Spanish Numbers Song: 0 hasta 10
Spanish Vowels
Counting to 10
Fruit in Spanish
Pencil case items
Schoolroom Spanish
My Birthday + Days and Months
Animals in Spanish
About Me in Spanish
My Family: Story + Vocabulary
Colours in Spanish + Agreements
My Body in Spanish
Talk about School
My Room in Spanish
At the Doctor’s in Spanish
Talk about Sport: Likes/Dislikes
Hobbies:  Sport & Music
The Weather in Spanish
– Winter – El invierno
Summer  – El verano
– Spring! – La primavera)

Example of a video clip:

Spanish Verbs and Grammar Practice:

Spanish Verbs Ser and Estar, Tener, Modal Verbs, Hay + Hay que, practice using three tenses, past, present and future, reflexive verbs, etc:
Tengo + Pencil case items
Uses of the verb Tener – Tengo
Soy and Estoy
¿Qué es? (SER)  ¿Dónde está? (ESTAR)
Ser and Estar + Doing
Hay – Hay que + infinitive
Modal Verbs in a Song
The near future in Spanish
Reflexive verbs in Spanish
Daily Routine in Spanish
Maggie has grown up!
KS3 Holiday in Spain  
Holidays, Past, Present, Future
Imperfect Tense Practice 

Spanish Grammar resources, including Por and Para, negatives etc.. in sentences and short stories.
Negatives in Spanish: No, Nada, Nunca
Comparisons: Comparatives and Superlatives
¿Questions in Spanish: ¿Por qué?

¡Early introduction to ‘possession ..!
Adverbs in a Story


Spanish food and drink vocabulary in context, including mealtimes, recipes, eating out, and adjectives to describe food:
La Cena!
Meals and Mealtimes in Spanish
Describe Food in Spanish:  Adjectives
Biscuit Recipe in Spanish
¡Frijoles Refritos!
Breakfast in a Hotel
Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice

Spanish Activities for Children

Songs for young children, how to make a piñata, the ‘r’ sound tongue twister, Introduction for anyone to Las Fallas …
Spanish Songs for Young Children

How to make a simple Piñata
Tongue Twister: El perro de san roque …

¡Las Fallas de Valencia!

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Spanish for Children


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