Spanish for Children (7-14)

Free online Spanish for children, teachers and parents:
Stories, Grammar, KS3 Topics, Verbs and Activities with short Video clips and printable Worksheets.
Listening Resources for practice at home or at school.
The worksheets can be self-checked by going back to the videos, which normally have subtitles in Spanish and English, and working carefully through them.
–  KS3 Spanish Topics
–  Spanish Stories
–  Spanish Verb Practice
–  Spanish Grammar Practice
–  Activities in Spanish
–  Spanish Songs for Children



Spanish Numbers Song: 0 hasta 10

Spanish Vowel Sound Rap

Counting to 10

Fruit in Spanish

Pencil case items

Schoolroom Spanish

Days, Months, Dates and Birthdays in Spanish 

Animals in Spanish

About Me in Spanish

My Family in Spanish

Colours in Spanish + Agreements

My Body in Spanish

Talk about going to School in Spanish

My Room in Spanish

At the Doctor’s in Spanish

Sport in Spanish – Juego a vs Hago

Talk about Sport: Likes/Dislikes

Hobbies:  Sport & Music

The Weather in Spanish

Winter – El invierno

+  Summer  – El verano

+  Spring! – La primavera)

Tengo + Pencil case items

Uses of the verb Tener – Tengo

Simple Ser and Estar: Soy and Estoy

¿Qué es? (SER)  ¿Dónde está? (ESTAR)

Ser and Estar Practice in a story about Hedgehogs

Ser v Estar Re Character + feelings

Ser and Estar + Doing

Ser and Estar in a Story about A Mountain Rescue

Hay – Hay que + infinitive Practice

QUERER, TENER and PODER  Football Practice

Modal Verbs in a Song

The near Future in Spanish

Reflexive verbs in Spanish Practice

Daily Routine in Spanish

Past, Present, Future Practice in a Story

KS3 Resource about a Holiday in Spain  

Holidays, Past, Present, Future

Imperfect Tense Practice  – “A New Puppy” 

Imperfect Tense Practice – El Perro de mi Abuelo

Animals in Spanish + Colours

Negatives in Spanish Practice – Re A Twitter Bone

POR and PARA Practice

A, DE, EN Practice

Comparisons: Comparatives and Superlatives

Questions in Spanish: ¿Por qué? Porque …

Simple KS2 introduction to ‘possession’ in a story 

KS2 Story – Maggie and the Squirrel. Spot the Adverbs

La Cena! Short KS2 story about eating supper

Meals and Mealtimes in Spanish

Describe Food in Spanish:  Adjectives

Making Biscuits in Spanish

Refried Bean Recipe 

Talk about Breakfast in a Hotel

Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice

How to make a simple Piñata

Tongue Twister: El perro de san roque …

Alfajores Biscuit Recipe from Argentina

Spanish Festival Resource: Las Fallas

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E.g:  Ser v Estar Practice –
Ser + Estar in a Story

E.g.Short grammar story:
Negatives in Spanish

E.g:  Spanish Song:
Mis Manitas

E.g.  Spanish Holiday Resource:

E.g:  Spanish Topic/Vocabulary Practice  Animals in Spanish:

Spanish Daily Routine: