Hedgehogs in Spanish Story

Ser v Estar Practice, Present Tense:

Un erizo (m) = a hedgehog
SER:      It’s a hedgehog!      ¡Es un erizo!
ESTAR:  It’s in the garden!  ¡Está en el jardín!

Short story in Spanish about hedgehogs for practice using SER and ESTAR in context.
Watch/listen to the video clip and read the subtitles.
Read the grammar, watch the video, do the gap fill exercise below, and check it by  watching the video again.
ESTAR is for WHERE + temporary states, feelings and situations.
SER        is for WHAT + stating facts and more permanent feelings, things, people and situations.
SER:          Es un perro.   It is a dog
ESTAR:    Un perro está en el jardín.
                     The dog is in the garden.

SER:           El jardín es pequeño.   The garden is small.
ESTAR:    El jardín está lleno de pajaritos.
                    The garden is full of little birds.

SER:           El perro es simpático.  The dog is friendly.
ESTAR:    El perro está triste cuando está solo.
                     The dog is sad when it is alone.


Gap Fill Story Exercise:
Each sentence is followed by its English translation.
Fill in the gaps with the 3rd person singular or plural of Ser  or  Estar:
3rd Person of Ser:  es (singular)  son (plural)
3rd person of Estar:  está (singular)  están (plural)

_______  mis perros:
(These are my dogs)

Billy _______ a la izquierda.
(Billy is on the left)

Maggie _______  la derecha.
(Maggie is on the right)

________   en el jardín.
(They are in the garden)

Otro animal  _________  en el jardín.
(Another animal is in the garden)

“¿Qué _______ ?”  Pregunta Billy.
(What is it?  Asks Billy)

“Dónde ________ ?”
(Where is it?)

“Qué ________ ?”  Pregunta Maggie.
(What is it?  Asks Maggie)

“¿Dónde ________ ?”
(Where is it?)

El animal sale por la noche.
(The animal comes out at night)

El animal  _________  en el jardín y Billy ________  preocupado.
(The animal is in the garden, and Billy is anxious)

¡Uy Billy, _______  un erizo!
 (Oh Billy, it is a hedgehog!)

_________   un erizo muy bonito …
(It is a very pretty hedgehog)

¡Y tiene un nido!  ¡Mira el bebé!
(And it has a nest!  Look at the baby!)

El erizo  ________  muy interesante.
(The hedgehog is very interesting)

Maggie y Billy  _________  muy preocupados.
(Maggie and Billy are very anxious)

¡__________  un problema!
(It is a problem)  (clue:  This is a fact)

¡Los erizos no  _________  para perros!
(Hedgehogs are not for dogs!)
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