Ser and Estar Story Practice

Ser and Estar Hedgehog Story

This short story illustrates the difference between SER and ESTAR.
It includes a video, worksheets + an Online Quiz:
SER        – soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son
ESTAR – estoy, estàs, està, estamos, estàis, estàn

SER – for what something is, stating facts and more permanent ‘things’
ESTAR – for WHERE, temporary feelings and situations.
Es un erizo
It is a hedgehog

Está en el jardín
It is in the garden

Es un problema
It is a problem
El perro está preocupado
The dog is worried


Ser v Estar Gap Fill Worksheet

Ser v Estar English to Spanish Translation Worksheet

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. They are my dogs

#2. They are in the garden.

#3. This is a hedgehog

#4. Where is it?

#5. It is in the garden

#6. Billy is worried

#7. The dogs are very worried

#8. It is a very pretty hedgehog

#9. The hedgehog is very interesting

#10. Hedgehogs are not for dogs



¡Muy bien!


Use the verb SER for more permanent things, and the verb ESTAR for more temporary things.

Here is some useful practice:
SER and ESTAR Story Practice

Have another go!

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