Ser and Estar Story Practice

Ser and Estar Practice –
Hedgehog Story

The purpose of this short story is to illustrate and practise the difference between SER and ESTAR:
SER        – soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son
ESTAR – estoy, estàs, està, estamos, estàis, estàn

SER – for what something is, stating facts and more permanent ‘things’
ESTAR – for WHERE, temporary feelings and situations.
Es un erizo
It is a hedgehog

Está en el jardín
It is in the garden  

Es un problema
It is a problem
El perro está preocupado
The dog is worried

Ser and Estar Story Video

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Wow! You are understanding the difference between SER and ESTAR! ¡Well done!
Use the verb SER for more permanent things, and the verb ESTAR for more temporary things. Here is some useful practice: SER and ESTAR Story Practice Have another go!

#1. They are my dogs

#2. They are in the garden.

#3. This is a hedgehog

#4. Where is it?

#5. It is in the garden

#6. Billy is worried

#7. The dogs are very worried

#8. It is a very pretty hedgehog

#9. The hedgehog is very interesting

#10. Hedgehogs are not for dogs


Ser v Estar Gap Fill Hedgehog Story Worksheet

Ser v Estar English to Spanish Downloadable Hedgehog Story Translation Worksheet

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