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Ser and Estar Story Practice

Ser vs Estar Hedgehog Story

Spanish Grammar Story, Video clip + Worksheets with sentences using SER and ESTAR.
Context:  Two dogs realise that there is a hedgehog in the garden.
Where?  What? How is the hedgehog?  How are the dogs?
Un erizo (m) = a hedgehog
Free Spanish Practice, Grammar, Video Clip and Gap Fill Exercise.

Use SER  for WHAT + stating facts and more permanent feelings, things, people and situations:           
Es un erizo     It’s a hedgehog
El jardín es pequeño.
– The garden is small.
El perro es simpático.
– The dog is friendly.

Use ESTAR for WHERE + temporary states, feelings and situations:
Está en el jardín
– It’s in the garden!

El jardín está lleno de pajaritos.
– The garden is full of little birds.
El perro está preocupado.
– The dog is worried.

Ser v Estar Gap Fill Hedgehog Story Worksheet

Ser v Estar English to Spanish Downloadable Hedgehog Story Translation Worksheet

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