Spanish Quizzes

Spanish Quizzes

Online Spanish Quiz Tests for practice and revision after working with the corresponding Spanish Resources and Videos on A Green Mouse.
The quizzes are linked to Spanish KS3 topics, verbs, vocabulary, grammar and short stories for children, all freely accessible for practice on this website.

Spanish Grammar:

Fruit in Spanish Quiz Test

Pencil Case Items in Spanish Quiz

Colours + Agreements in Spanish Quiz

Animals + Colours in Spanish Quiz

Negatives in Spanish Quiz

Comparisons in Spanish Quiz

Por and Para Revision Quiz

A, DE, EN – Spanish Prepostion Quiz

Estar + Spanish Prepositions Online Quiz

Spanish Verbs:

Tener Quiz for Kids – Tengo

Spanish Verb Tener Quiz

Ser and Estar Online Quiz Test

Spanish Present Continuous Online Quiz

Ser and Estar Quiz – Characteristics vs Feelings

Spanish Verbs Ser and Estar Hedgehog Story Quiz

Hay Que – Instructions in Spanish Quiz

Spanish Modal Verbs Quiz

Sport in Spanish – Hacer v Jugar A Quiz

Imperfect vs Preterite Tense Online Quiz – A New Puppy

Spanish Imperfect Tense Gap Fill Quiz

The Near Future in Spanish Holiday Quiz

Spanish Reflexive Verb Quiz

Spanish Topics/Themes:

Animals in Spanish Quiz for Kids

Sport in Spanish Likes/Dislikes Quiz

Jugar a v Tocar – Sport v Music in Spanish Verb Quiz

Spanish Food and Drink Quiz – Meals + Mealtimes

Describe Food in Spanish Quiz

Breakfast in Spanish Food and Drink Quiz

Spanish Food and Drink Practice

Past, Present, Future Holiday in Spanish Quiz

About Me in Spanish Quiz

My Family in Spanish Quiz

My Birthday in Spanish Quiz

Why I Go to School Spanish Quiz

My Room in Spanish + Prepositions Quiz

Daily Routine + Time in Spanish Quiz

Parts of the Body in Spanish Quiz

Verbs + Parts of the Body in Spanish Quiz

I Need a Doctor in Spanish Quiz

The Weather in Spanish Quiz

My Summer Holidays in Spanish Past, Present + Future Quiz

Spanish Stories:

Spanish Hamster Story Quiz

KS2 Spanish Quiz – Dogs at the River

A New Puppy in Spanish Quiz

My Toy in Spanish Quiz

Why Questions in Spanish Quiz – ¿Por qué? Porque

KS2 Spanish Story Quiz – Maggie and the Squirrel

Spanish Story Quiz – Vamos a la Peluquería

Spanish Past/Present Story Quiz – Maggie ha crecido