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Spanish Imperfect v Preterite Tense Quiz

Spanish Imperfect v Preterite Tense Quiz

Do this quiz for practice choosing the correct verb tense after working with the following story resource:

Spanish Imperfect v Preterite Tense Practice in a Story
– A New Puppy

#1. (I took) ___ esta foto cuando Maggie (was) ___ siete semanas.

#2. (She was) ___ muy pequeña cuando (she arrived) ___ a casa.

#3. She was going to grow a lot.

#4. (She was) ____ tímida.

#5. (She was) ___ miedo del jardín.

#6. (She wanted) ___ muchos abrazos.

#7. Su madre (had) ___ ocho cachorros.

#8. Su padre (was) ___ muy guapo.

#9. She grew up very fast.

#10. (I met) ___ Maggie por primera vez cuando (she was) ___ cuatro semanas.



¡Muy bien!

Have another go after working with this resource:

Imperfect v Perfect Tense in Spanish – A New Puppy

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For more practice using the Imperfect tense in a story set in 1930s Spain go to:
Spanish Imperfect Tense Quiz in a Story