French Quizzes

French Quizzes

Online French Quizzes for Children for Practice and Revision of the KS3 Topics, Verbs, Vocabulary, Grammar + Stories on A Green Mouse.

French Grammar:

Fruit in French Quiz

Pencil Case in French Quiz

Negatives in French Quiz

Du, De la, Des, + De – French Quiz

Comparisons in French Quiz

C’est versus Il est Online Quiz Test

Ces, Ses, C’est – French Homophones Online Quiz

French Adverbs Online Quiz Test

French Quiz – Colours + Agreements

Animals + Colours in French Quiz

Animals + Adjectives Before + After the Noun Quiz

Adjectives before the Noun French Quiz

French Character Adjectives Quiz

Prepositions in French Quiz

French Prepositions Quiz – au, à la, à l’, aux, en

French Direct Object Pronouns Quiz

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French Verbs:

French Verb Avoir Quiz

Ist Person of Avoir Verb Quiz – J’ai

French Verb Être Quiz

French Verb Faire Quiz

Sport in French Quiz – Jouer à v Faire du

On + Verbs French Carnival Quiz

On + Verbs about School in French Quiz

French Modal Verbs Quiz

French Verb Mettre Quiz

Il y a, Il faut + Infinitive Verbs French Quiz

Near Future in French Holiday Quiz

Perfect Tense of Avoir + Passer Quiz

French Reflexive Verbs Quiz

Imperfect Tense Online Quiz Test – A New Puppy

Monter + Descendre in the Perfect Tense Quiz

French Verb Speed Tests

Avoir v Être Speed Test – Present Tense

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French Topics/Themes:

Animals in French Quiz

Directions in French Quiz

About Me in French Quiz

My Family in French Quiz

My Birthday in French Quiz

My Body in French Online Quiz

Verbs + My Body in French Quiz

At the Doctor’s in French Quiz

Simple Numbers 1 to 10 + Fruit Quiz for Kids

Daily Routine + Time in French Quiz

Music v Ball Sports in French – Jouer du v Jouer au

Breakfast in French Quiz

French Food Quiz – Au Restaurant

Sport in French Likes/Dislikes Quiz

My Summer Holidays Past, Present, Future Online Quiz Test

Fire on Holiday in French Quiz

The Weather in French Revision Quiz

Harvest, the Weather + La Rentrée French Quiz

Winter in French Quiz

Spring in French Quiz

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French Stories:

My Toy in French Quiz

Primary French Dog Story Quiz

French Hamster Story Quiz

A New Puppy in French Quiz

French Story Quiz – Maggie and the Squirrel

French Story Quiz – Chez le Coiffeur

French Past Tense Dog Story Quiz – Maggie has Grown

Present + Past Tense Dog Story Quiz – Ma Voiture