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French Quiz about Sport – Likes + Dislikes

Sport in French Quiz – Likes + Dislikes

Do this quiz after watching the videos and doing the practice in this Sport in French Resource:
Sport in French Practice – Likes + Dislikes

#1. Do you like sport? What do you like doing?

#2. Yes, I like sport, but I don't like rugby.

#3. What do you prefer?

#4. I prefer surfing. I like football too.

#5. Do you like swimming? Yes, I like swimming.

#6. Do you prefer tennis or cycling?

#7. I prefer cycling. I don't like tennis.

#8. There are lots of different sports.

#9. Do you like doing sport?

#10. Yes, I love doing sport.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Try this practice first:
Sport in French – Likes Dislikes