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French Songs for Kids

This is a collection of traditional French songs and nursery rhymes recorded at a slightly slower pace with lots of repetition and English translations to help young English children to join in and sing along.  Some of the songs have actions.
Friendly pre-school and primary French listening and oral practice.

Listen for FREE to all the songs below, and click on the green links for the English translations and more information about each song, or go to  iTunes to learn and sing along to an album which includes English explanations and translation tracks:



1.  Promenons-nous dans les bois!

–    Let’s go for a walk in the woods!
This French children’s song is very similar to ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf’ but the children ask the wolf what he is doing:
Que fais-tu?

Who is the dog in the video? Click here to find out:
Je m’appelle Billy

Click here for more information about Promenons-nous dans les bois:
Promenons-nous dans les bois

2.  Une Souris Verte

–    A Green Mouse
Classic song about a green mouse being caught by the tail:

Click here for more information about ‘Une Souris Verte’:
Une souris verte

3.  Meunier, tu dors!

–    Miller, you are sleeping!

French lullaby about a miller not looking after his windmill.  If it turns too fast, sparks could fly:

Click here for more information about Meunier tu dors:
Meunier tu dors

4.  Il était un petit navire

–    There was once a little boat
Introduction to a gentle, 16th Century French song for children:

Click here for more information about ‘il était un petit navire’:
Il était un petit navire

5.  Il Court le Furet

–    The ferret runs

French children like to sing this song during games such as ‘Pass the Parcel’:

Click here for more information, including instructions for the traditional French games which use ‘Le Furet’:
Il court le furet

6.  MON ÂNE     My donkey

The first verse of a French song about a donkey not feeling well.
The donkey has a headache:

Click here for more information about Mon Âne:
Mon âne

Click here to meet more characters who aren’t feeling well and learn how to tell a doctor what’s wrong with you:
At the Doctor’s in French


Enjoy this lemur trying to join in with the actions for this simple French counting rhyme.  Click here for more information:
Pomme de Reinette

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