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Le Furet Song + Activities

Very popular French nursery rhyme, often used during games such as ‘Pass the Parcel’ and other games which are explained below.
Learn the lyrics and join in with this recording by A Green Mouse available on: Spotify, Apple Music, as well as Youtube.

Try out the French games:
image for French song Il court le curet

Traditionally ‘Le Furet’ is also sung during the following more active French games for children: 
Choose a child to be the ferret in the middle of a circle of children.  Ask those in the circle to hold onto a piece of string with their hands, both of which should be behind their backs.
Threaded onto the string is a ring which is passed from one child to the next as the children sing the nursery rhyme and move around in a circle.
‘The ferret’ tries to work out who is holding the ring and when he/she guesses correctly, he/she swaps places with the child who then becomes the ferret.

A child is chosen to be the ferret and all the other children hold hands and walk around him/her in a circle singing:

Il court il court le furet
le furet du bois, Mesdames.
Il court, il court le furet,
le furet du bois joli.

Then, still holding hands, the children lift up their arms to make space for ‘the ferret’ to pass underneath, zigzaging in and out of the circle.   During this time the following refrain is sung several times:

Il est passé par ici,
il repassera par là!

Finally the children cry  ‘il dort!‘  (he is sleeping), and the ferret curls up in the middle of the circle.
Children take it in turns to be the ferret.

The Words:
Il court, il court le furet,
Le furet du bois, Mesdames.
Il court, il court, le furet,
Le furet du bois joli.

Il est passé par ici.
Il repassera par là.

– – – –
The ferret runs, it runs,
The ferret of the wood, Ladies and Gentlemen.
The ferret runs, it runs,
The ferret from the pretty wood.

He has passed by here
He will pass by again over there.

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