Food and Drink in Spanish

Spanish Food and Drink Resources

A Green Mouse Food and Drink Resources each containing a video clip + downloadable PDF worksheet.
Spanish Vocabulary and Practice including comparisons, meals + mealtimes, ordering food, describing food and recipe instructions.

Fruit in Spanish in short phrases:
Fruit in Spanish

Short Story for children about eating supper and wanting more ..!
La Cena!

Introduction to Argentina and its famous Alfajores biscuits. Alfajores Recipe with Dulce de Leche, both very traditional and popular all over South America:
Alfajores Recipe

El Desayuno, El Almuerzo, La Merienda, La Cena
Learn how to talk about:  Meals and Mealtimes in Spanish
+ Online Quiz

How to Talk about Food in Spanish:
Learn and use a wide variety of adjectives in Spanish to describe food appropriate to the different meals throughout the day:
Describe Food in Spanish:  Adjectives
+ Online Quiz

Biscuit Recipe in Spanish:
Watch two children making biscuits, read the recipe and instructions and make your own:
Biscuits in Spanish

Re-fried Bean Recipe: Delicious with Doritos!
Listen to this recipe in Spanish, find out about ‘anafres’, follow the visual instructions and make the recipe:
¡Frijoles Refritos!

Breakfast in a Hotel in Spanish!
Learn a wide variety of food vocabulary by discussing the wide selection of food available for guests in this resource:
Breakfast in a Hotel

Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice:
Eating out, going to restaurants, cooking at home.  Friendly, visual discussion about food in Spanish with questions and answers:
Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice

Comparatives and Superlatives:
Food is compared and discussed in the first section of this grammar resource.  Do you agree with the opinion about the best meal in Spain?  
Comparisons in Spanish

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