Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice

Spanish Food and Drink Resource

Spanish Food and Drink Listening Practice with  a subtitled video in Spanish AND English followed by a second video ONLY in Spanish
Follow the description, with questions and answers, about eating out, having barbecues and eating at home.
After listening and working with the video clips, go to the downloadable translation PDF Worksheet.

Highlighted Grammar from the Video:

1.  Use Gustar in the plural if you like more than one thing:
Plural –
¿Te gustan las fiestas?  Si, me gustan las fiestas.
Singular –
¿Te gusta la merienda?  Si, me gusta la merienda.

2.  Use Gustar or Encantar + a verb in the infinitive to say what you like doing.  Eg:
Me gusta comer       –  I like eating
Me encanta comer   – I love eating

3.  Hay que + verb in the infinitive:
Hay que trabajar –  I must/it is necessary to work

4.  Es bueno + verb in the infinitive:
Es bueno salir  –  It’s good to go out
Es bueno tomar algo  –  It’s good to have something to drink

5.  Tener que + verb in the infinitive:
¡Tienes que probar el dulce de leche!
You must try dulce de leche!

6.  Use Querer + verb in the infinitive to invite someone to do something:
¿Quieres tomar algo?  Would you like to have something to drink?

1. Audio + Subtitles in Spanish AND English:

2. Repeat of the Video ONLY in Spanish (with NO subtitles)

Downloadable Food and Drink Translation  PDF Worksheet

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