Breakfast in Spanish

Breakfast in Spanish – El Desayuno

Breakfast in Spanish Vocabulary and Practice in the context enjoying the variety of choice available in a hotel on holiday.
Listening Practice in short sentences via video clips with questions and answers about food and drink.
Downloadable PDF Worksheet for translation practice from Spanish to English:

¿Qué voy a comer?  What am I going to eat?
¿Qué voy a tomar?  What am I going to have?
¿Te gusta?                     
Do you like it?
¿Cuál es tu fruta preferida?  
What is your favourite fruit?
¿Qué voy a escoger?  What am I going to choose?

el desayuno       breakfast
el hotel                  the hotel
la fruta                  the fruit
la sandía               the watermelon
las uvas                 the grapes
la ensalada de frutas   the fruit salad
la bebida              the drink
el jugo                    the juice
el chocolate caliente  the hot chocolate
la carne                  the meat
el huevo                 the egg
el pastel                 the pastry
el pan                       the bread
la mantequila     the butter
la mermelada      the jam

Quisiera = I would like

Soler  = To be in the habit of
‘Suele’ is 3rd person of the verb Soler
  (to be in the habit of/to do usually).
Use it with a second verb, like ‘comer’ (to eat).
“En España la gente no suele comer mucho para el desayuno …”
= ‘In Spain people don’t usually eat much for breakfast …’

Repeat in Spanish AND English:

Downloadable Spanish to English Translation Practice PDF Worksheet


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