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Food and Drink in Spanish Breakfast Quiz

Breakfast in Spanish Quiz

Do this online quiz test after learning the vocabulary + practice with the following breakfast in Spanish resource:

Breakfast in Spanish – El Desayuno

#1. I like eating. This breakfast is fantastic!

#2. The good thing is that there is so much variety.

#3. The bad thing is that I eat too much.

#4. I start with fruit.

#5. I like apples. I don't like watermelon.

#6. ¿Qué voy a tomar?

#7. I would like an orange juice please.

#8. I would like a hot chocolate for breakfast too please.

#9. I love bread with ham.

#10. There are delicious pastries too.



¡Muy bien!

Have another go. Try this practice first:
Breakfast in Spanish