Spanish Songs

Spanish Songs for Kids

Spanish Songs for Children with actions, lots of repetition and English translation tracks to help young English children to join in and sing along.
Friendly pre-school and primary Spanish listening and oral practice.   Good practice for the car, at home, or a group situation.
Listen for FREE to all the songs, and click on the green links for the English translations and more information about each song:

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A Green Mouse Spanish songs for children

image for Spanish song for kids Mis Manitas
Mis Manitas is a gentle Spanish lullaby for babies and young children.  Click here for more information about Mis Manitas:
Mis Manitas



JUAN PEQUEÑO BAILA – Little John Dances
Image for Juan Pequeño Baila

Lively Spanish action song for learning parts of the body
ACTIONS:  Point at each body part as you sing its name:

Click here for more information about Juan Pequeño Baila:
Juan Pequeño Baila

For more about ‘The Body’ in Spanish try this:
Parts of the Body


First verse of a traditional Spanish song about a little boat.
image for el barquito chiquitito song

Click here for more information about El Barquito Chiquitito:
El Barquito Chiquitito


–  On Little Joseph’s Farm
(Old Maconald had a farm in Spanish)
image for Spanish song for kids En la granja de Pepito

Click here for more information about En la Granja de Pepito:
En la granja de Pepito

For practice talking about animals try this:
Animals in Spanish


YO ME MUEVO  – I move
Spanish action song in which children move forwards, backwards & from side to side …
image for Spanish song for kids Yo me muevo

Click here for more information about ‘Yo me Muevo’:
Yo me muevo

The songs (excluding the vowel rap) are also available on CD and on iTunes:

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Spanish Vowel Rap!
Not included on the CD but great to join in with to learn Spanish vowels:

And click here to sing Cielito Lindo, a very famous Mexican song sung all over the world.  It has wonderful lyrics (sing, it will make you feel better if you are sad ..!), and is frequently sung at football matches:  Cielito Lindo
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