El Barquito Chiquitito

If you have a child who wants to learn Spanish, is interested in sailing, and in playing the guitar, this song is for you:

El Barquito Chiquitito

The Little Boat
Traditional Spanish song for children, video clip, lyrics, English translation, and easy guitar chords.
Había una vez =  Once upon a time (There was once …)
Había una vez un barquito chiquitito
Once upon a time there was a little boat

Sit facing a partner, hold hands and swing back and forth in time to the music:

A            E       A
Había una vez
.            E                A
un barquito chiquitito,
(There was once a little boat)
A            E       A

Había una vez
.             E                A
un barquito chiquitito,

.           D
Que no sabía,
That didn’t know,
.          A
que no podía,
that didn’t know how to (that couldn’t),
.         E                              A
que no podía navegar.
that didn’t know how to sail.

Hold up your hands and
 count to 6 on your fingers whilst singing:

.     A           E                A
Pasaron un, dos, tres,
.                 E                     A
cuatro, cinco, seis semanas
1 2 3 4 5 6 weeks went by(x2)
.     A          E                   A
Pasaron un, dos, tres,
.                E                      A
cuatro, cinco, seis semanas …

Start swinging back and forth again:

.        D
Y aquel barquito,
.         A
y aquel barquito,
.        E                                      A
y aquel barquito navegó.

(And that little boat,
and that little boat,
and that little boat sailed away.)


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Here is another recording of El Barquito Chiquitito by A Green Mouse on iTunes which includes an English translation track:



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