Food and Drink in French

French Food and Drink Resources

French Food and Drink Resources each containing a Video clip + downloadable PDF Worksheet.
Vocabulary and Practice to learn how to talk about, order and describe food and drink in French:

Fruit in French in short phrases:
Fruit in French

Du, De la, De l’, Des + DE –  (Partitive Articles)
At the Market in French
+ Online Quiz

Order food in a café, talk about eating at home (+ washing up), picnicking and having a barbecue:
Talk about Food and Drink in French
+ Online Quiz

Talk about Breakfast in French:  At home and in a café in France
Breakfast in French
+ Online Quiz

Short KS2 French story about Suppertime …

Recipe in French for Leek Tart:
Tarte aux Poireaux

Basic Biscuit Recipe and instructions in French:
Make Biscuits in French

Easy French Recipe for a Three Kings’ Day Cake:
Galette des Rois

Easy Recipe for Palets Bretons, buttery biscuits from Brittany.  Make these delicious biscuits and go to the link included about La Bretagne and its celtic traditions:
Palets Bretons

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