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Food and Drink in French

French Food and Drink Resources

Learn about food and drink in French, the vocabulary, how to buy, eating out, going to a café, meals and recipes in French.
These video resources aim to help students to ask about and describe food in French.  Each one includes a video clip, video transcript and follow-up questions:

1.  Count and learn about fruit:
Counting to 10 with Fruit!

Image for counting in French


2.  Fruit in French in short phrases:
Fruit in French

image for fruit in French


3.  Du, De la, De l’, Des + DE –  
(Partitive Articles)
How to buy food in a French Market
At the Market in French

image du, de la, des at the market


4.  How to talk about Eating out, Doing Chores, and food related Activities in French:
Going to a Café

Repeat of ‘Going to a Café in French‘ Video with each phrase repeated twice for more support:

5.  Talk about Breakfast in French:  At home and in a café in France

Breakfast in French

image of pain au chocolat
Pain au chocolat?


6.  Short KS2 French story about Suppertime …

Image for dog food
l’heure de manger

7.  Recipe in French for Leek Tart:

Tarte aux Poireaux

image for French leek tart with serrano ham
Tarte aux Poireaux

8.  Basic Biscuit Recipe and instructions in French:

Make Biscuits in French

image for making biscuits in French


9.  Easy French Recipe for a Three Kings’ Day Cake:
Galette des Rois

image for a galette des rois - three kings' day cake
Une galette des rois

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