Galette des Rois

Galette des Rois Recipe

A Galette des Rois is a traditional French Three Kings’ Day cake prepared for 6th January, Epiphany.
This is an easy recipe + video clip for a Galette des Rois using bought pastry.
It’s fun, delicious, and the video clip provides instructions + listening practice for anyone learning French.
The instructions in French and English are also available for printing below the video clip.

French/English Christmas traditions:
A coin is often hidden in the Christmas pudding …  In France a tiny figure called a ‘fève‘ or an almond is hidden in the galette des rois – Watch the video and see the fève nestled in the almond mixture.


1 packet de pâte feuilletée
1 packet of puff pastry

50g de pâte d’amande
50g of marzipan

50g de sucre glace
50g of icing sugar

1 oeuf battu
1 beaten egg

un peu de farine
a little flour

extrait d’amande
almond extract

extrait de vanille
vanilla extract

une fève ou une amande
a figurine or an almond

FOUR:  15mns à 210C

Galette des Rois Recipe Video

Printable Recipe in French + English

image for a galette des rois - three kings' day cake

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