Supper in French – A Story

Supper in French – A Story

French short Story, Grammar + Video clips about eating supper and wanting more:

C’est l’heure de manger
= It’s lunchtime, suppertime, time to eat, time for dinner …

Nous voulons un peu plus!
We want some more!

Ça y est     = there, that’s it
ça suffit     = that’s enough
d’accord    = ok
Tout est terminé  =  it’s all gone

“Les chiens me suivent avec leurs yeux”
The dogs follow me with their eyes

Read the grammar below + do the exercise after watching the videos:


Repeat with Audio in French AND English:

Downloadable PDF Worksheet

Grammar Note:
“Les chiens me suivent avec leurs yeux.”
Me‘ is a direct object pronoun:
Notice how pronouns go in front of the verb in French, but they go after the verb in English.

Leurs‘ is a possessive adjective.
LeurS‘ describes the word ‘yeux’ (eyes) and is plural because ‘yeux’ is in the plural, and adjectives need to agree with what they describe.

– – – –

Do people ever follow you with their eyes?

a)   Choose one of these:
une glace  = an ice-cream
un packet de chips  = a packet of crisps
une barre de chocolat  = a bar of chocolat

 b)  Choose two friends.

c)   Now say what you have and that those friends are following you with their eyes!
J’ai une pizza.  = I have a pizza
Paul et Marie-Alix me suivent avec leurs yeux!

(Paul and Marie-Alix follow me with their eyes!)

Suivre = to follow
Present tense:
(Note:  ‘je suis’ also means ‘I am’!)

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