En la granja de Pepito

En la granja de Pepito

Spanish Song for Kids which adds a new animal + animal noise to every verse, and is very similar to the English nursery rhyme, ‘Old Macdonald had a Farm’.
‘En la Granja de Pepito’ means ‘On Little Joseph’s Farm’.
José is the name for Joseph in Spanish,
Pepe is the ‘nickname’ for José ..,
Pepito means ‘little Pepe’, i.e.  Little Joseph.

Listen and sing along to practise sounds and learn animal names in Spanish.  Pre-school + Primary Spanish song by A Green Mouse
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En la granja de Pepito X2

con  (with)
con el burro                 with the donkey

con el cocodrilo      with the crocodile

con el perro              with the dog

con el gato                 with the cat

con el gallo                with the cockerel

con el caballo           with the horse

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