Sing Spanish Numbers: 0 – 10

Spanish Numbers Song:  O hasta 10

Spanish Counting Song + pronunciation practice for children:
–  Hasta (up to/until):  ‘H’s are silent in Spanish
–  CachoRRo (puppy):  Join in and roll your Spanish double ‘RR’s!

The letter C in Spanish:
–  The C in Cuatro (4) sounds like the C in ‘Cat’.
–  The C in Cero (0) sounds like ‘th’ or ‘S’ (depending on the Spanish accent) because it is in front of an ‘i’ or an ‘e’:
0 – 10 =  Cero hasta diez
0 – 10 =  Cero hasta diez
Listen to the ‘Diez’!  The letter Z in Spanish also sounds like ‘th’ or ‘s’.

‘Vs’ sounds like ‘Bs’ in Spanish:
Listen to the V in ‘Otra vez’ and join in!

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