Supper in Spanish – A Story

Spanish Story for Children –
La Cena

Short description + Video Clip about two dogs having supper.
Study the verbs, and translate the story using the downloadable PDF Worksheet.

Maggie and Billy are eating in the story.
To be doing something is a tense called ‘the present continuous’ (the gerund):
ESTAR + Doing = to be doing something
Maggie está comiendo      –   Maggie is eating
Billy está masticando          –  Billy is chewing

Look out for the phrase  ‘lo siento ‘    
‘lo’ = ‘it’
‘lo siento’ = I am sorry (about it)
‘lo siento pero …’ = I am sorry but …

1.  Audio in Spanish (Spanish/English subtitles):

2.  Audio in Spanish AND English:

Downloadable Story Translation PDF Worksheet

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image for supper in Spanish

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