The Present Continuous in Spanish

Ser and Estar Practice:

 Short sentences using SER in the present tense  introduce characters.
Then ESTAR + a second verb is used to say what the different character are doing. (This verb tense is called the present continuous).Free video clips + downloadable PDF Worksheet.

SOY un cachorro        I am a puppy
ERES una niña              you are a girl
ES un muchacho          he is a boy/youth
SOMOS chicas             we are girls
SOIS hermanos            you(plural) are brothers
SON perros                    they are dogs

The Present Continuous using ESTAR:
ESTOY comiendo          I am eating
ESTÁS nadando              you are swimming
ESTÁ durmiendo           he is sleeping
ESTAMOS saltando     we are jumping
ESTÁIS remando            you (plural) are rowing
ESTÁN descansando    they are resting

Audio in Spanish AND English for more support:

Audio in Spanish:

Downloadable Translation Practice PDF Worksheet

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