French story: Maggie + the Squirrel

French Story for Kids

Maggie and the Squirrel

French practice for children which encourages them to appreciate nature and listen to wildlife.

écouter = to listen
entendre = to hear

il écoute = he listens
A naughty squirrel listens carefully to try to work out if it is safe to steal some nuts.

il entend = he hears
He hears something … What is it?!

Listen to the birdsong in the video.
Read the story, watch the video, listen and join in.
Worksheet   +  Online Quiz.

Adverbs describe Verbs:

How does the squirrel arrive ..?
doucement  –  slowly, softly, quietly, silently

How does Maggie work?
dur  – hard

How do the dogs run?
à toute vitesse  –  at full speed

– – – –

‘Écureuil’ – is a hard, useful word to learn to pronounce in French.  Break it down to its 3 syllables:   é – cu – reuil.


Repeat with Audio in French AND English:

Downloadable PDF Translation Worksheet

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. (There is) ..... un jardin.

#2. (Maggie is) ..... la gardienne de la mangeoire.

#3. A squirrel arrives quietly.

#4. He listens

#5. Oh no! He hears something.

#6. Maggie runs at top speed.

#7. Il va (behind) ......



Très bien!


Have another go!

Do some practice with the story video first:

Maggie and the Squirrel

Video Transcript in French:

Voici le jardin.
Il y a une mangeoire.  Regardez!  Écoutez!
Maggie est la gardienne de la mangeoire!
Toute la journée elle surveille le jardin.
Les écureuils sont interdits!

Qu’est-ce que c’est?
Un écureuil arrive doucement.
Il attend.  Il écoute.
Est-ce que Maggie est là?

Il commence à manger les graines.
Oh non!  Il entend quelque chose.
Maggie et Billy ont vu l’écureuil!    (= have seen)
Ils courent à toute vitesse!
Maggie sait ce qu’il faut faire.
Elle va devant!
Billy suit Maggie.  Il va derrière.
Ils courent après l’écureuil!

Bravo Maggie!  Bravo Billy!
Vous travaillez dur.
Grâce à Maggie et Billy la mangeoire des oiseaux est protégée.
Bien fait Billy!  Bien fait Maggie!

– – – – – – –

Translate the following into English:

1. Voici le jardin

2.  Qu’est-ce que c’est?

3.  Il arrive doucement.

4.  Il entend quelque chose.

5.  Ils courent à toute vitesse!

6.  Elle va devant.

7. Il va derrière.

8.  Vous travaillez dur.

Maggie & the squirrel in French
French for Kids:  Un ‘écureuil arrive doucement