Comparisons in Spanish

Comparisons in Spanish


Más que = More than
Menos que = Less than
Tengo más que tu.   = I have more than you

Comparatives + Adjectives:

Use Más + adjective + que  to say More + adjective + than …
Use Menos + adjective + que to say  Less + adjective + than …
La sandía es más rica que el melón.
El melón es más jugoso que la papaya.

Comparatives + Adverbs:

Use Más + adverb + que to say More + adverb + than …
Use Menos + adverb + que to say Less + adverb + than
Félix corre más rápido que Felipe.
= Félix runs faster than Felipe.


El/La más = the most
Los/Las más = the most

El/La menos = the least
Los/Las menos = the least

Antonio es el mejor estudiante. 
= Antonio is the best student.

Comparing Good + Bad in Spanish

Bueno = Good
Mejor   = Better
Mejor que =  Better than …
El/La mejor = the best
Los/Las mejores = the best
– – – –
Malo  – Bad
Peor  – Worse
Peor que  = Worse than …
El/La peor = The worst
Los/Las peores – The worst

Comparing Age in Spanish

Viejo  =  Old
Mayor que =  older than
El/La mayor  =  the oldest
Los/Las mayores  = the oldest

Joven  =  young
Menor que  =   younger than
El/La menor  =  the youngest
Los/Las menores  =  the youngest

– – – –

Tan … como

Tan + adjective + como = as + adjective + as
Soy tan fuerte como mi hermano
= I am as strong as my brother.

Comparatives in Spanish Practice Video

Short sentences first about food, then about age + speed:

Online Quiz

Gap Fill Worksheet

Translation Practice.


sabroso  = tasty
rico         = delicious
salado    = salty
sano       = healthy
jugoso    = juicy

distinguido = distinguished
descarado   = cheeky
encantador = charming

disfrutar     = to enjoy
disfrutado  = enjoyed
conocer       = to know
conocido     = known

Online Quiz

This revision quiz is also available on its own separate page:
Online Quiz

#1. My mother is the oldest in the family.

#2. My father is bigger than my mother.

#3. My sister is the youngest.

#4. I run more than my sister.

#5. She runs faster than my mother.

#6. I eat less than my father.

#7. I eat more fruit than vegetables.

#8. Watermelon is more juicy than papaya.

#9. Water is better than coca cola.

#10. Coca cola is healthier than water.

#11. Cherries are redder than apples.

#12. Ham is tastier than sobrasada. ? Sobrasada is a type of Spanish sausage.



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Comparisons in Spanish