The Near Future in French

The Near Future in French

The Near Future in French is formed by the present tense of the verb ALLER + a verb in the infinitive.
Je vais
= I am going…
Je vais aller
=  I am going to go!
Examples of the Near Future:
Je vais manger
–  I am going to eat
¿Où vas-tu manger?
–  Where are you going to eat?
Je vais manger à la maison
–  I am going to eat at home

Je vais + an infinitive verb is an easy way to say what you want to do one day.
Je vais sauver la forêt
– I am going to save the forest

Add NE … PAS either side of ‘Je vais’ to start a negative sentence saying what you are not going to do: 

Je ne vais pas
Je ne vais pas sauver la forêt

– I am not going to save the forest.

Video,  Online Quiz  +  Worksheet.

Learn the following verbs and use the Near Future in French to talk about holidays in quiet, unsophisticated, natural places:

Verb List

dormir            = to sleep
rencontrer  = to meet
pouvoir         = to be able to
jouer               = to play
envoyer        = to send
faire                = to do
respecter     = to respect
apprécier     = to appreciate
lire                    = to read
se reposer    = to rest
observer       = to observe
regarder       = to look, to watch
éviter             = to avoid
trouver         = to find
être                 = to be
 avoir              = To have
visiter            = to visit
écouter        = to listen
Voyager       = to travel


avoir peur
– to be frightened

un endroit tranquille
– a quiet place

un endroit luxueux
– a luxurious place

un endroit sans internet
– a place with no internet

un endroit sans réseau mobile
– a place with no mobile signal

un jeu vidéo     – a video game
des jeux vidéo – video games

l’éléctricité      – electricity

le silence           – the silence

The Video clip, Story and Worksheet have short sentences in the 1st person.
The Online Quiz has longer sentences about plans to go somewhere peaceful, natural, with no internet or phone signal. Study all the options in the quiz, negative and positive …


a printable worksheet

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. One day I am going to go on holiday to a quiet place.

#2. I will not go to a luxurious place.

#3. I am going to find a place with no internet and no mobile signal.

#4. I will not have mobile phone signal.

#5. I will not be able to send messages to my friends.

#6. I will not have my video games.

#7. I am going to listen to the silence.

#8. I will appreciate the peacefulness. I will listen to the birds.

#9. I will not be frightened when there is no electricity.

#10. I will respect nature and I will have a rest.



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Try this practice first and make sure you know the verbs:

Near Future in French

Present Tense of ALLER:
Je vais, tu vas, il/elle/on va, nous allons, vous allez, ils/elles vont

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