The Near Future in Spanish

The Near Future in Spanish

The Near Future in Spanish is formed by the present tense of the verb IR + a and a second verb in the infinitive.
Voy a   = I am going to …
Examples of the Near Future:
Voy a comer                     –  I am going to eat
¿Dónde vas a comer?  –  Where are you going to eat?
Voy a comer en casa    –  I am going to eat at home

Voy a + infinitive verb is a clear, determined way to say what you want to do one day.  E.g:
Voy a salvar el bosque – I am going to save the forest

Add NO at the beginning to say what you do NOT want to do.
No voy a comer higos  – I am not going to eat figs

Learn the following verbs and use the Near Future in Spanish to talk about holidays in quiet, unsophisticated, natural places:

Dormir (to sleep),    Encontrar (to find),
Poder (to be able to),    Jugar (to play),
Enviar (to send),    Hablar (to speak/to talk to),
Respetar (to respect),    Apreciar (to appreciate),
Proteger (to protect),    Leer (to read),
Bucear (to dive, snorkell),    Descansar (to rest),
Pescar (to fish),      Observar (to observe/to watch),
Dar (to give),       Evitar (to avoid),
Mirar (to look),       Tener (To have),
Visitar  (to visit),     Buscar (to look for),
Escuchar (to listen),     Viajar (to travel),
Gozar de (to enjoy),      Disfrutar de (to enjoy).

The Video clip, Story and Translation Worksheet have very short sentences in the 1st person.
The Multiple Choice Quiz has longer sentences about a determination to go somewhere peaceful, natural, with no internet, or phone signal.
Study all the options in the quiz, negative and positive …

(The story begins in the past tense before moving into the Near Future)

A Holiday in the Near Future in Spanish Video Clip

Printable  Translation Exercise Worksheet

Multiple Choice Quiz


¡Muy bien!  ¡Fantástico!
Have another go!

#1. One day I am going to go on holiday to a peaceful place.

#2. I won't look for a luxurious place.

#3. I am going to find a place without internet or social activities.

#4. I am not going to have mobile signal. I am not going to have internet.

#5. I am not going to be able to send messages to my friends.

#6. I am not going to be able to enjoy my video games.

#7. I am going to listen to the silence.

#8. I am going to enjoy nature.

#9. I am not going to be frightened when there is no electricity.

#10. I am going to respect nature and have a rest.


The Present Tense of IR
Voy         –  I go / I am going
vas          –  you go / you are going
va            –  he/she goes, he/she is going
vamos     –  we go / we are going
vais         –  you go / you are going (pl)
van          –  they go / they are going

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