Negatives in Spanish

Negatives in Spanish

No – Nada – Nunca

Add ‘NO‘ in front of the verb to form the negative in Spanish.
No hay            = There isn’t any
No soy            = I am not
No como       = I don’t eat
No juego       = I don’t play
No es justo  = It is not fair

NADA  =  Nothing

Put No in front of the verb +  nada after it to talk about doing nothing or not doing anything.
No hago nada  =  I do nothing /I don’t do anything
No veo nada     =  I see nothing/I can’t see anything

NUNCA   = Never:

Put nunca in front of the verb  or put no before the verb + nunca after it to talk about never doing anything.
Nunca juego    =  I never play
No juego nunca  = I never play

Jamás also means never.  Use jamás instead of nunca as a more forceful way of saying never.

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Negatives in Spanish Quiz

#1. I am not happy.

#2. My food is not interesting.

#3. The shopping is never for me.

#4. I don't have anything good.

#5. It is not fair. I never eat a steak.

#6. It cannot be true! There is something for me!

#7. It is not for you, Billy.

#8. I don't like Twitter, but I like my bone!

#9. Advice on Twitter is not always good.

#10. I am never happy when my food is not interesting.



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Negatives in Spanish


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