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Near Future French Holiday Quiz

Near Future in French Quiz

French Verb Quiz for practice using Aller + Infinitive Verbs to talk about a future holiday.
Do this online quiz exercise for practice using the Near Future after learning the verbs and vocabulary in this resource:
The Near Future in French

#1. One day I am going to go on holiday to a quiet place.

#2. I will not go to a luxurious place.

#3. I am going to find a place with no internet and no mobile signal.

#4. I will not have mobile phone signal.

#5. I will not be able to send messages to my friends.

#6. I will not have my video games.

#7. I am going to listen to the silence.

#8. I will appreciate the peacefulness. I will listen to the birds.

#9. I will not be frightened when there is no electricity.

#10. I will respect nature and I will have a rest.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Take your time reading the questions.

Try this practice first and make sure you know the verbs:

Near Future in French