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Fruit in Spanish + Gender

Fruit in Spanish Vocabulary, Video  + Online Quiz.

Fruit in Spanish is masculine or feminine.


Video in Spanish and English



un mango          a mango
un melón           a melon
un limón            a lemon
un higo               a fig
un melocotón   a peach
un plátano         a banana
un albaricoque an apricot


una cereza           a cherry
una nectarina    a nectarine
una uva                a grape
una manzana      an apple
una pera               a pear
una mandarina  a mandarin
una naranja         an orange
una ciruela          a plum
una fresa              a strawberry
una papaya          a papaya
una piña               a pineapple
una sandía           a watermelon

– – – –

¿Qué es? Es un albaricoque
What is it?  It is an apricot.

¿Qué son? Son peras –
What are they? They are pears.

Would you like a pear?
¿Quieres una pera?

– – – – –

Un plato de fruta =  a fruit platter.
Instead of fruit salad, fruit is normally served as a plate of fruit in Latin American countries.
In tropical countries a ‘plato de fruta’ will be a selection of mango, watermelon, papaya, pineapple and melon.
Papaya is particularly good with lemon juice squeezed over it.
image for Spanish tropical fruit

Fruit in Spanish – Likes/Dislikes

Me gusta
= I like
Me gustan = I like + words in the plural.

+ El, La, Los or Las (definite articles)

LA FRUTA = Fruit
Me gusta la fruta = I like fruit

USE Me gusta + BIG FRUIT that is served in portions:
Me gusta (+ singular words)
I like melon               = Me gusta el melón
I like watermelon = Me gusta la sandía
I like pineapple       = Me gusta la piña

USE Me gustan + fruit that is normally eaten whole such as oranges, strawberries, peaches etc…
Me gustaN (+ words in the plural)
I like apples           = Me gustan las manzanas
I like strawberries = Me gustan las fresas
I like lemons          = Me gustan los limones

And remember that adjectives that are used to describe fruit must agree with the gender of the fruit in Spanish.
¡Las naranjas valencianas son muy buenas!
= Valencian oranges are very good!

Online Quiz

This quiz is also available on its own separate page here:
Online Quiz

#1. Es (a) .... melón.

#2. Me gustan (melons) ................

#3. Me gusta la piña.

#4. ¿Qué es? Es ...... pera.

#5. Es (an orange) .........

#6. It's an apricot.

#7. ¿Te gusta (fruit)?

#8. Me gustan (strawberries) ..........

#9. Es (an apple) .........

#10. Me gustan (apples).

#11. Me gusta (watermelon).

#12. Me gustan (figs).

#13. No me gustan (grapes) ........

#14. ¿Quieres (a peach) ..........?

#15. Me gusta (papaya) ......

#16. (The) ...... ciruelas.

#17. ¿Quieres (a plum) .....?

#18. (La fruta) is very good.



¡Muy bien!


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Fruit in Spanish