Spanish Story: A New Puppy

A New Puppy in Spanish

Spanish short story, video, online quiz + printable worksheets about a little puppy, what she is like + her activities in the 3rd person present tense.
Useful Spanish verb practice using:  Tener, Gustar, Encantar, Ser, and Estar:
TENER – to have
Tiene  =  she has
Tiene miedo    =  She is frightened (She has fear!)

GUSTAR – to like
Le gusta = she likes (it is pleasing to her)

ENCANTAR – to love
Me encanta = I love (it is delightful to me)
Le encanta = She loves (it is delightful to her)

Es  =  She is
Es hermosa   =  she is beautiful
Es cariñosa    =  she is affectionate

Está  =  She is
Está en la ropa sucia  =  she is in the dirty washing.

A New Puppy in Spanish Video clip

Video clip with Subtitles in Spanish and English:

Video clip with ONLY Spanish Subtitles:

Free downloadable PDF Worksheets:
A New Puppy in Spanish Gap Fill Worksheet

A New Puppy in Spanish Story + Questions Worksheet

A New Puppy in Spanish Quiz


What a good score! Well Done!
Have another go! Try this practice first: My Dog in Spanish

#1. Maggie arrives at our house.

#2. What is Maggie like? She is beautiful! ? Don't forget that beautiful Maggie is a girl - Adjectives need to agree.

#3. Everything is new. She is frightened of the garden.

#4. Maggie is very affectionate

#5. She is in the washing.

#6. She likes playing. She likes to play with me.

#7. She loves the snow.

#8. She likes the beach and the countryside too.

#9. She does not like baths. ? BathS are not pleasing to her!

#10. She likes living with us.


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