Spanish Story: My Dog

My Dog in Spanish

Free Spanish/English Video Clips + Downloadable PDF Worksheets for friendly practice using Tener, Gustar, Ser + Estar in the 3rd person, present tense.
Description of a tiny puppy + her activities and interests in Spanish:
TENER – to have
Tiene  =  she has
Tiene miedo    =  She is frightened (She has fear!)

GUSTAR – to like
Le gusta = it is pleasing to her
= She likes to play /  She likes playing

Es  =  She is
Es hermosa   =  she is beautiful
Es cariñosa    =  she is affectionate

Está  =  She is
Está en la ropa sucia  =  she is in the dirty washing.

Spanish Subtitles

Spanish + English Subtitles:

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My Dog in Spanish Worksheet 1

My Dog in Spanish Worksheet 2

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