Fruit in Spanish Quiz

Fruit in Spanish + Gender Quiz

Do this quiz after learning the names + gender of fruit in this A Green Mouse Spanish resource:

Names of Fruit in Spanish

The quiz could be used for group translation practice, going through the three answers for each question, asking students to translate them and then deciding which one matches the English.

How about looking at where the different types of fruit are grown in Spain and placing them on a map of Spain.  One day you might like to go to where apples are grown in Northern Spain to see the cider-making, enjoy the cheese, the local fiestas, and the spectacular mountain scenery, for example ..!

#1. Spanish fruit is very good.

#2. There are Spanish oranges in winter.

#3. There are Spanish strawberries in spring.

#4. There is a lot of fruit in Spain in summer!

#5. There are figs and grapes in the autumn.

#6. Es (a) ___________________ nectarina.

#7. I like (watermelon) _____________________.

#8. Would you like an apple?

#9. I eat a banana every day.

#10. Do you like peaches?



¡M¡Muy bien!


Have another go.

Learn the vocabulary in this A Green Mouse Resource:

Fruit in Spanish

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