Promenons-nous dans les bois

Promenons-nous dans les Bois

French song for children about going for a walk in the woods and asking a wolf whether he is there plus what he is doing.
Read the lyrics and join in with the video clip.
The song is very similar to ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf’,  but the wolf is getting dressed so every time the children ask what he is doing (Que fais-tu?), he replies by telling them which item of clothing he is putting on until he is dressed and ready for the chase ..!

Loup y es-tu?
Wolf, are you there?

Que fais-tu?
What are you doing?


Children dance and sing the following REFRAIN:

Promenons-nous dans les bois
–  Let’s go for a walk in the woods
Pendant que le loup n’y est pas!
–  Whilst the wolf is not there!
Si le loup y était, il nous mangerait,
–  If the wolf were there, it would eat us,
Mais quand il n’y est pas …
–  But when it is not there …
Il nous mangera pas!
–  It will not eat us!

Then the children stop and ask:

Loup y es-tu?
–  Wolf are you there?
–  Can you hear us?
Que fais-tu?
–  What are you doing?

The children repeat the song again and again.  
Each time the wolf replies by saying what he is putting on until he is fully dressed and ready for the chase:

Je mets ma chemise!
–  I am putting on my shirt

Je mets ma culotte!
–  I am putting on my trousers

Je mets ma veste!
–  I am putting on my jacket

Je mets ma cravate!
–  I am putting on my tie

Je mets mes chaussettes!
–  I am putting on my socks

Je mets mes bottes!
–  I am putting on my boots


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