French Hamster Story Quiz

Online French Quiz for Kids –
A Hamster Story

Do this quiz after reading the story and watching the video:
French Hamster Story


Great score!  Well done!
Have another go! Read the story and watch the video again. Join in! French Hamster Story

#1. What is it? ? Never leave out apostrophes. Try to think of the letters they are replacing. This question without the apostrophes would be hard to say: Que est ce que ce est?

#2. It is a hamster! It is called Bugatti

#3. Bugatti runs very fast

#4. His brother is called Veyron. He likes nibbling

#5. Bugatti does gymnastics

#6. Bugatti and Veyron, you are cute!

#7. They run a lot!

#8. Bugatti is sleeping. He is ill

#9. He needs some medicine

#10. Poor Bugatti, but he is fine now


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