Il y a + il faut French Verb Quiz

Impersonal Verbs Il y a + il faut French Quiz

Online French verb quiz for revision and practice using il y a and il faut + infinitive verbs.
Do this multiple choice quiz test after practice with the following A Green Mouse resource:
Maggie, Billy and the Apricots – Il y a, il faut … 


Excellent!  Fantastique!
Have another go! Do this practice first: Il y a Il faut Instructions

#1. There is some nutella.

#2. There isn't any nutella. We must buy some nutella.

#3. There is an apricot in the flowerbed. We must go and see.

#4. We must pick the apricots.

#5. You must be careful.

#6. You must watch out for the stone.

#7. You must drop it/give it up.

#8. Maggie must be supervised.

#9. Maggie, you must listen.

#10. There are apricots. We must be careful!


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