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On + Verbs French Carnival Quiz Test

On + Verbs Quiz – Le Carnaval

Carnival in France = Le Carnaval
Do this quiz test after practice using On + Verbs in the 3rd person and learning about carnival in France via the following A Green Mouse resource:
Learn about Carnival in France – On + Verbs

#1. We make a Mr Carnival.

#2. We prepare the celebration.

#3. We march through the streets.

#4. We sing. We make a noise.

#5. We walk a lot.

#6. We go back to school.

#7. We have a party!

#8. We eat pancakes.

#9. We burn our bad thoughts with Mr Carnival.

#10. We forget winter.



Très bien!


Have another go.

Do this practice first:
Carnival at School in France