Carnival in France

Carnival Celebrations in France

Le Carnaval = Carnival

A Green Mouse KS2/3 French Practice using  On + Verbs in the 3rd person: Video,  online Quiz   +  Worksheet.

faire – on fait
préparer – on prépare
se déguiser – on se déguise
défiler – on défile
chanter – on chante
marcher – on marche
retourner – on retourne
manger – on mange
brûler – on brûle
oublier – on oublie

How/Where is carnival is celebrated in France?
How do children celebrate carnival at school?

Le Carnaval  is celebrated all over France.
French nursery schools (écoles maternelles) organise carnival processions and festivities for the children, and there are big city and town celebrations too.
Internationally famous French carnivals include:
Nice,  Albi,  Douarnenez,  Annecy …

Carnival season begins on 6th January (Epiphany) and ends on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent:
Mardi Gras   =  Shrove Tuesday
Le Carême    =  Lent

Gras = Fat
Mardi Gras =  Fat Tuesday …
A good name because it is Pancake Day and time for a feast before many still try to give up favourite treats for 40 days until Easter Sunday.
Mardi Gras = Shrove Tuesday = Pancake Day
Une crêpe(f)   =   A pancake

Carnival Celebrations in Schools:
Le Carnaval is a time when children, parents and teachers get involved in making costumes, preparing a feast, organising a procession (un défilé) for all the children, and then returning to burn Monsieur Carnaval before feasting on crêpes and other treats.

What/Who is Monsieur Carnaval?
Monsieur Carnaval is a figure that is made and then burnt to help people to move on from winter, bad behaviour and negative thought, and so look forward to Spring and better times.
Sometimes children write down the negative things that they are going to try not to do or think anymore, and these notes are burnt alongside Monsieur Carnaval.

On + Verbs – Carnival in France Video

Printable Worksheet – Le Carnaval

Monsieur Carnaval – On + Verbs French Quiz


Très bien!
Have another go! Watch the video and do the worksheet in this resource first: Carnival at School in France

#1. We make a Mr Carnival.

#2. We prepare the celebration.

#3. We march through the streets.

#4. We sing. We make a noise.

#5. We walk a lot.

#6. We go back to school.

#7. We have a party!

#8. We eat pancakes.

#9. We burn our bad thoughts with Mr Carnival.

#10. We forget winter.


Video Transcript for Translation Practice:

Que fait-on?
On fait un Monsieur Carnaval.
On prépare la fête.
On se déguise.
On défile dans les rues.
On chante.  On fait du bruit.
On marche beaucoup.
On retourne à l’école.
On fait la fête!
On mange des crêpes!
Et Monsieur Carnaval?
On brûle Monsieur Carnaval.
On brûle Monsieur Carnaval avec toutes nos mauvaises pensées.
On oublie l’hiver.
Le printemps arrive!

. . .

Carnival at school in France

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