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French Dog Story Quiz – Maggie has Grown

Maggie a grandi – French Story Quiz

French Dog Story quiz using Present + Passé Composé Tenses
– Maggie has Grown

Do the quiz after practice with the story + video in this resource:

Maggie has Grown in French

#1. Maggie likes tobogganing.

#2. Maggie likes to play hide and seek.

#3. Maggie loves to play in the mud.

#4. She has grown.

#5. She has changed a lot.

#6. She has become mischievous.

#7. She doesn't like baths.

#8. She doesn't like going to the hairdresser's.

#9. Maggie n'aime pas se laver.

#10. Maggie n'est pas coquine.



Très bien!

Have another go after doing some more practice with the story:
Maggie has Grown in French