KS2/3 French Story – Maggie has Grown

KS2/3 French Story Practice for Children
Present + Past Tenses

French short story about a dog, supported by a YouTube video, Video Transcript, Questions and an  Online Quiz.
The story begins in the past tense before moving on to the present tense to discuss likes and dislikes in the 3rd person:
Maggie a grandi!  Maggie has grown!


The Story in French

(Past Tense – Passé Composé)
Maggie a grandi!
Elle a grandi beaucoup!
Elle a changé énormément!
Elle est devenue coquine!

(Present Tense)
Connaissez-vous un chien qui aime faire ceci?
Elle aime faire du toboggan!
En plus …
Elle aime jouer à cache-cache!
Et elle aime cacher les choses!
Elle adore jouer dans la boue!

Elle n’aime pas les bains!
Elle n’aime pas aller chez le coiffeur!

Shh … Elle dort!

Écrivez trois choses qu’elle aime faire
Écrivez deux choses qu’elle n’aime pas!


Answer the questions in French in the 3rd person:
Elle aime               = she likes …
Elle n’aime pas   =  she doesn’t like …

1.  Qu’est-ce que Maggie aime faire? 
a) …
b) …
c) …

2.  Qu’est-ce que Maggie n’aime pas faire?
a) …
b) …

Now talk about yourself:
Je!  J’aime … Je n’aime pas!
What are YOUR likes and dislikes?
Write down two of each, from the story or elsewhere:
J’aime …
Je n’aime pas

Maggie is mischievous:  Elle est coquine!
What are YOU like?
Think about it.
It’s why you like some things more than others:
Je suis …

Online Quiz

This Quiz is also available on its own separate page:
Online Quiz

#1. Maggie likes tobogganing.

#2. Maggie likes to play hide and seek.

#3. Maggie loves to play in the mud.

#4. She has grown.

#5. She has changed a lot.

#6. She has become mischievous.

#7. She doesn't like baths.

#8. She doesn't like going to the hairdresser's.

#9. Maggie n'aime pas se laver.

#10. Maggie n'est pas coquine.



Très bien!

Have another go after doing some more practice with the story:
Maggie has Grown in French

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