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Jouer à v Faire du

Jouer à v Faire du Verb Quiz

Do this quiz after studying the verbs, and doing the practice in this video resource:
Sport in French – Jouer à v Faire du Video Resource

#1. Do you like doing sport?

#2. Yes, I like sport. I play pétanque in Paris.

#3. When do you do sport?

#4. I play football every weekend.

#5. I do skateboarding every day.

#6. I do swimming once a week.

#7. Would you like to play tennis? No thank you, I don't like tennis.

#8. Sometimes I do ice-skating in winter.

#9. I do surfing and I do lots of cycling in the summer.

#10. I play ping pong at school.



Très bien!


Have another go!

Try this practice first:

Sport in French – Jouer à v Faire