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French Grammar Quiz Animals + Colours

French Quiz – Animals + Colours

Do this quiz after learning the gender of animal names and how colours need to agree, as well as the difference between C’est and Il est via this practice:
Animals + Colours in French

#1. The horse is brown.

#2. It is a brown tortoise.

#3. The squirrel is grey. It's a grey squirrel.

#4. The bird is green. It is a green parrot.

#5. It's a red parrot.

#6. A red parrot is red, yellow and blue! ? Red parrots do have some yellow and blue feathers too!

#7. What is the tortoise like? It is brown.

#8. The spider isn't brown. It is black.

#9. The rabbit is black and white. It is black and white.

#10. The cow is black. The spider is also black.



Très bien!


Have another go.

Try this practice first:

Animals Colours in French