French Grammar Quiz Animals + Colours

French Grammar Quiz –
Animals + Colours

Do this quiz after learning the gender of animal names and how colours need to agree, as well as the difference between C’est and Il est via this practice:
Animals + Colours in French


Congratulations!!! You've had to make sure you use C'EST for WHAT something is and IL EST to say what it is like, AND know the gender of animal names make sure the colours agree!
Have another go! Try this practice first: Animals Colours in French

#1. The horse is brown.

#2. It is a brown tortoise.

#3. The squirrel is grey. It's a grey squirrel.

#4. The bird is green. It is a green parrot.

#5. It's a red parrot.

#6. A red parrot is red, yellow and blue! ? Red parrots do have some yellow and blue feathers too!

#7. What is the tortoise like? It is brown.

#8. The spider isn't brown. It is black.

#9. The rabbit is black and white. It is black and white.

#10. The cow is black. The spider is also black.


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